The Many Benefits of Reset Windows Password

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  • July 7, 2009

Remembering passwords can be a challenge. We’re told to choose passwords that aren’t too simple because they can be guessed by other people, but when we make them too complex we run the risk of forgetting them altogether. We’re also told that if we write down those complex passwords, we might as well be giving them to hackers so they can break into our networks and steal our most sensitive personal and business information.

Of course, our own forgetfulness isn’t always the problem. System administrators have been known to forget their passwords as well. In some cases, disgruntled employees make “forget” to share their passwords with upper management before leaving the building for the last time thus cutting off access to important data and programs for their replacements.

The bottom line is there are lots of reasons why you may need to reset the Windows password on a computer, but the methods of doing it are not always helpful.

Methods to Reset Administrator Password

Normally, if you need to reset windows password, you have to completely reformat the computer. Reformatting the computer is not only time-consuming but it can also result in the loss of lots of important data and settings. If you can’t get into the system because someone forgot windows password, you won’t be able to back these things up before erasing the hard drive and starting all over again.

Another problem if you reformat is that you may end up losing a lot of time you could have spent doing other tasks. Reformatting usually requires multiple discs, re-installing lots of programs, re-connecting into the network resources, such as the printer, and more. All of these tasks take time and all of them make having to reset Windows password challenging.

Reset Windows Password: A Better Solution

The good news is you don’t have to go through all of these hassles if you use a software program called Reset Windows Password. If you have a problem with a forgot administrator password, you run the program and the system unlocks so you can get into it in just a few minutes. Once inside the system, you’ll easily be able to reset the password or get the information you need without having to go through all of the trouble of reformatting the entire computer.

Plus, Reset Windows Password will work on different types of Windows accounts. Three different versions of the program are available and some provide more diverse functionality than the others. For example, you can even do a search for passwords or remove password information from the system.

Another benefit of the program is that all three versions work with multilingual passwords and work with all Windows platforms since Windows NT and up through the new Windows 7. That means it’s going to be useful in a wide array of personal and office environments now and for years to come. Even if you don’t think you’ll need to reset Windows passwords soon, this program will be an investment that will ensure the security of your computers while also keeping them accessible.

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