The cash manager for immediate productivity with little or no training required for non accountants

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Cash Dispatcher is the cash manager software for handling all your cash on hand documentation with no  skills of an accountant needed. Spend valuable time procuring cash for deposit or transfer instead of learning to use software. 

Use our versatile cash manager software to document your cash flow prior to deposit or transfer.  Most cash manager software systems available require extensive investment in time to comprehend the accounting and procedural implementation of the manager software, which could be quite daunting for tellers  or a money handler. 
Whether you deal in foreign currency or not use our cash manager calculator within the cash manager software to count funds in six different currencies. Book sales or revenues book expenses place revenues on hold or carry over, release funds on hold and see your YTD totals as they change. 
Seven cash manager reports available in the software for printing cash position, deposits, expenses and a hash count list. Enter one or up to twenty sources of money per daily entry and create any number of database files to handle more than twenty sources of cash. The simplicity of booking money will astound when compared to other complex accounting software packages. Intuitive and little to no training required to use our money manager software.

Who should use it

The ideal cash manager software is CashDispatcher and is perfect for all organisations that handle money regularly: Money collections from Church, collection agencies, public transportation, gaming institutions, donations, news stands, Laundromats, beauty care, car-wash or any small or big businesses.

If cash is accepted you need our cash manager software for fast and simple book keeping to record money in, money out, money transferred or deposited and balance should show zero  if not correct the difference. Do this daily or twice or more days weekly and have a well documented cash manager journal. For various sources of money use the pull down box on the money in form to enter up to twenty sources of revenue per day.

CashDispatcher manager software facilitates the counting of money and the dispatching of cash. Record cash, record cash discrepancies, record money source  and count cash in up to six currencies all in one cash manager software. A Simple and fast cash manager software that comes in two versions, both are basically the same except for placement of days of the week. [Read More]

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