Copywriting Jobs 3 Secret Tips To Getting Hired

Want to get hired as a copywriter? Many copywriters are freelancers, however, you can certainly opt to get hired full-time either by an agency, or by a large company.
In this article, we’ll look at three secret tips my students have used to get full-time copywriting jobs.
If you’re just starting out, taking a job, even an unpaid one, as an intern at an advertising agency or Web development company, is an excellent idea. You’ll get great experience.
Many people, when they want to get a job, brush up on their resume, and then scour the job ads. Don’t do that. The best jobs are never advertised. It’s wisest to prepare yourself, and then put yourself out there and make some connections.
Here are the secret tips.
1. Create Your Portfolio: You Need a “Book”
Copywriting is a creative writing job. Your first step is to show your prospective employers — creative directors at agencies, or elsewhere — what you can do. You do this by creating a portfolio. Since you’re a new copywriter, your portfolio will be filled with “spec” (speculative) material that you’ve created.
Find some advertisements, and rewrite them as well as you can. Have reasons for the changes you make to an ad. Then put the original, your version, as well as the reasons you wrote the advertisement as you did, into your portfolio.
These days, it’s best to have your portfolio online. You can add it to a folder in Google Docs, or if you have a laptop, just create a folder for your materials so it’s easily shareable.
2. Create Your Bio
A “bio” tells the reader who you are, in 100 words or less.
It’s a challenge to write a bio if you haven’t done it before. However, it’s the perfect copywriting task, because you’re selling yourself.
Create a tagline, and then write 100 words about yourself. If you can’t keep it short, you can go to 200 words, but try to keep it under 100 if you can.
Hint: writing a bio takes time. Write a draft or ten. Think about your audience before you write.
Another hint: have confidence in yourself. Self-confidence, even if it’s misplaced, gives others confidence.
3. Make a List of Companies
Now you’ve got a “book”, and a bio, it’s time to make a list of companies which might hire you.
Look through the Yellow Pages, and make a list of advertising, graphic design, and Web development agencies. Then make a list of large companies with marketing departments.
Get in touch with these companies via phone, or email, your choice. Just introduce yourself, and attach a link to your portfolio and bio.
Copywriters can develop lucrative careers. If you want a full-time copywriting job, use the above tips, and you’ll get your job.

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