Article Examples – Where To Find Your Traffic

To expose potential customers to your services and goods you need to drive traffic. This traffic will land on your squeeze page – if you have one – and sign up to your mailing list.
Then it is your responsibility to build a trusting and compelling relationship with your list. But first you need the traffic. There are three main sources from which you can find traffic for your website. These are:
You can borrow traffic and send it to your squeeze page;
You can buy traffic and send it to your squeeze page;
You can buy the traffic yourself and send it to your squeeze page.
What I mean by borrowing traffic is when you use someone else’s traffic for which you must pay a fee or in kind. Sometimes the cost is just a straight swap; you send some of your traffic to John’s web site and John, in turn will send some of his traffic to your website.
Buying traffic can come in many different forms such as pay-per-click, ezine advertising, newsletter ads, etc. In any one of these cases you must pay a fee for a specific number of visitors or for a certain amount of time such as one weeks or a fortnight for example.
Creating your own traffic, to my mind, has to be the best method available of driving quality traffic to your site. This will involve your optimizing your web site to ensure you receive a portion of search engine traffic or writing and submitting articles that directs traffic to your site.
The one consideration that is important for you to keep in mind is that each various methods of driving visitors to your site will vary in quality and in the conversion rates. Good quality traffic might convert as anywhere above 50%, whereas poorer quality traffic may convert at say, 10%.
You should also consider social networking when thinking about driving traffic to your site. These include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and a myriad of other networking opportunities.
Suffice to say whichever method you choose, it is important that you become an expert at that one source before adopting or choosing a second method. You must test and monitor every aspect of your chosen traffic generation source and make concerted efforts to improve conversion rates and quality. That way, you will have first hand experience at what works for you and your business and where improvement can be made.

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