Package Your Software Projects with a Powerful install builder

For software developers who are concerned with getting their software packages ready in less time and with less effort, InstallAware Studio Admin for MSI is a highly versatile install builder. No longer does software packaging have to be overly complicated – InstallAware reverses that trend so that you no longer have to feel restrained by relational database instructions. This software lets developers package their software and make it ready for distribution in less time without deploying the often error-prone processes used by many of the traditional installer packaging solutions. InstallAware Studio Admin for MSI helps you by largely automating the task at hand and visualize the setup process that users of your software will experience. It uses the popular Windows Installer service while making the actual packaging process much easier for both you and your customers.

Just as is the case with other setup package authoring tools, InstallAware Studio Admin for MSI provides user-friendly visual editors to help make the process considerably easier. The branching script used while creating your installers uses MSIcode which is entirely human-readable. This is a feature unique to InstallAware’s solutions only. The scripting environment is efficiently designed and user-friendly, allowing you to simply drag and drop features into int. No third-party scripting engine is required and this software works independently of any additional software. It will compile your software into logo-compliant MSI installation packages ready for distribution. When it comes to using the Windows Installer medium for packaging your software products, it has simply never been easier!

The install builder utility makes it possible for software programmers to easily create WebAware installations as well. This allows developers to split software assets into both online and offline components. This allows the end user to use a setup package which will automatically download additional program components if and when they are required. Ultimately, this makes your setup package smaller so that your customers can obtain it faster. Developers can easily choose which program components to place in their setup files and make a fully customized installation package. The end user will only need to download what they need to download in order to use the features of the program that they want. In spite of this, the main setup package is still completely self-contained.

Windows Installer Standards are one-hundred per cent supported by this MSI install builder. For any software developers who are familiar with the core functions of Windows Installer, there are many recognizable and useful features in this install builder utility. These include full support for command line installations, on-demand installation, self-fixing setups, integrated advertising, differential packaging and program module merging. Not only does InstallAware Studio Admin for MSI support these standards; it also extends the features of the basic Windows Installer medium. You can find out more at . The site offers many tutorials, a further overview of the software and screenshots of it in action. Software developers will ultimately find that this program is far more efficient, feature-rich and versatile than the standard solutions for building Windows Installer packages.

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