Intuitive 3D Viewing Experience with CadFaster|QuickStep

CadFaster|QuickStep is a completely free viewer tool for 3D professionals. CadFaster|QuickStep supports both DirectX and OpenGL drivers and it is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista©. Because of its unique user interface CadFaster|QuickStep provides the most intuitive 3D viewing experience in the market. 3D mouse devices from 3DConnexion ( are also supported.

Ultra-fast 3D Viewing technology
CadFaster|QuickStep is built using CadFaster|Engine, ultra-fast 3D display core. This allows opening and viewing of the most complicated assemblies, even on modest hardware such as laptops. Newly introduced support for sophisticated out-of-core rendering allows 3D model viewing in limited memory conditions.

Comprehensive Support for Standard File Formats
CadFaster|QuickStep supports most commonly used 3D data exchange file formats such as STEP, HSF, DXF, IFC and IGS.

3D Viewer for Everyone
The basic version of CadFaster|QuickStep can be downloaded for free. It is a fully functional 3D viewer that allows anybody who has 3D models to benefit from this new 3D viewing concept. There is also a commercial version available to be purchased from CadFaster on-line store ( We quarantee that CadFaster|QuickStep is the most friendly priced 3D viewer tool in market while still delivering all the required features for professional 3D viewing.

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