Article Writing Tips 3 Questions To Ask Yourself To Generate New Ideas

It’s a new year and that means you need to generate new ideas for new content for your blog or places like EzineArticles-and plenty of it. How will you do it? One way is to look within you for article ideas. What I mean by that is what will motivate your writing? What will help you continue to write when you don’t feel like it? It’s likely your answers will change over time and that’s perfectly okay. Here are three questions to ask yourself in pursuit of some of those answers and in gathering ideas for your content creation:
1. What Are You Excited About?
When you sit down to start an article, ask yourself what positive, excited thoughts stir up within you about your business to the point where they simply cannot be contained? What do you love to share about what you offer people? What topic can you go on and on about when given opportunity? What new thing have you been touting to current clients? Your readers will be glad to share in that sort of happy spirit as well.
2. What Have You Suffered and Survived?
Everyone has survived something. For some, it’s been a major life-changing event, for others the experience is more common like a bad relationship or financial struggles. If you’ve been in business more than a day, you’ve undoubtedly survived all kinds of issues and continue to do so.
A large percentage of businesses are based on the problem/solution model; the customer has a problem, the business offers a solution. What kind of advice can you give that would help someone survive their current struggle? How can your “been there -done that” situation help your potential future client? Including this type of information in your articles not only potentially solves their problem; it also lets them test-drive what you can do for them. If they like it, they may click through for more.
3. What Do You Crave?
One statement that can be made with certainty is everyone wants something. This includes your readers. To generate ideas along this line, ask yourself, what do you crave? Information? A solution to a problem? Appreciation? Attention? Your readers do too. How can you fulfill that craving? One thing to note though is that need to be careful when using this thought process to come up with content ideas. As you come up with answers in your own life, you must make sure they transfer to your audience as well as relating to how you can serve them.
What are you excited about, what have you survived, and what do you crave? There are no wrong answers, so start asking and creating content today.

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