Web Copy Writing That Converts Like Crazy

Everyone who is writing for the web is trying to convince their reader to take a specific action. That action might vary from signing up on a squeeze page to your list to buying either your own product or service or an affiliate product. To do that you need web copy writing that converts like crazy.
Hi, my name is Cynthia and I have spent the last 4 years writing copy for websites. I have found that sticking with the basic principles of selling my copy has been very successful. I would like to share with you some of the techniques that have consistently worked for me.
Before anyone is going to put their hand in their wallet to hand over any money you need to convince them that they can trust you. This is the same as in any brick and mortar business; people will only buy if they trust the company or the salesperson.
When you use web copy writing you replace the face to face salesperson they are used to dealing with. Online companies like Amazon have built up trust with their clients over a period of time. In a sales letter you have minutes or even less to convince your visitor that you are the real deal.
When you are copy writing for the web here is a powerful but simple way of gaining trust, tell your story. Get up close and personal; let your reader know all about you. What was your story, how did you get to where you are now?
This can be done with an introduction in your letter, written in a style that your specific market can relate to, or if you prefer you can do a short video. If you feel comfortable in front of a camera you can simply say exactly what you would otherwise have written.
If you are not able to or would rather not do a video clip then include a photo of yourself on your website or blog and on the actual sales page. Everybody tends to look at a photo and feel more comfortable about buying from a person they can identify with.
To write copy that converts you need to first get his attention and then get his trust. Everyone tends to concentrate only on the headline, but writing a catchy headline will not hold your visitors’ attention for long. Getting his trust will be the first step in building a relationship which could lead to multiple sales over a long period.
People are always being asked to buy something, TV ads, billboards, signs, magazines, papers and of course the internet. To survive this constant barrage of ads everyone very quickly deletes the information from their brain otherwise they would just go mad.
By getting his trust first, before you rush in and demand that he buys your product your conversion rates will climb dramatically. Successful Web copy writing is about relating to your visitor, not using tricky slogans and flash signs. To become a top copywriter takes a high level of skill, but this can be taught quickly. A good starting point is the website below.

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