How Copywriting Can Explode A Home Business!

Is copywriting important to use when you have a home business?
There is a huge portion of the population that now own a home business. A lot of them are wondering if they should learn copywriting, and if it is important to use in their advertising.
Say you have an old fashioned MLM, multi level marketing, business. You give out your business cards to people. You make up flyers and put them up in different locations, or maybe even mail them out. You get as many people as you possibly can to come to your house. You have appetizers and something to drink for everyone.
Once every one arrives, you have them all sit down and you get out your big white board. On this board you draw circles and explain to them your businesses compensation plan. You tell them all about having a down line, an up line, and how much money they can make. Then you send them out on their own, and hope they sell a lot of your products, so you can make money too.
When it comes to the question if you should learn copywriting for your MLM business, I would say it really is not necessary.
Now if you have a direct marketing business, and you do all your advertising on the internet, then yes, copywriting is a must. You should use copywriting in your pay per click ads, online ads, article writing, press releases, video marketing and even Squidoo lens.
Squidoo is a like a social site with tons of information on all different topics. Lens are what they call their pages. They give you step by step instructions on how to make a lens. On your lens you can write an article, add a video and even pictures. They even have an Amazon link where you can add books for people to order. As longs as everything goes along with your topic, you can add it to your lens.
When writing anything that you choose as a method for advertising, you need to capture peoples attention. The first line of your ad or the title of your article, needs to be able to draw people in for them to read more.
In your article or press release it is a good idea to write a story, people love to read stories. In your videos the title is usually the first thing people read, it needs to have people say, WOW, what are they talking about. The curiosity will want them to watch your video. A really good description will want them to finish reading your article or press release.
Even when you email your list, you need to get them to open up the email. In order to do this, you have to catch their attention with a good topic. Once they open the email you sent them, you want to have your words captivating to keep them reading, and then send them to a place you want them to go, like your website, to find out more.
So if you really want to be a good marketer for your home business, and you advertise on the internet, you need to learn copywriting.

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