Article Writing Tips Get Mad And Get Ideas

The next time you’re getting frustrated or ticked off because you can’t come up with anything to write about, don’t suppress those feelings-run with it! Just redirect the momentum a bit and the ideas may start flowing faster than you expect. Ask yourself questions like these to start fueling the fire:
Has something offended you recently?
It would be nice if everyone always played nice together, but since that’s not how the world works all the time, you’ve probably been offended at one time or another. Maybe it was something someone said to you directly, something in the media, or something posted by another blogger; turn that offense into a response. Depending on your niche, maybe this happens a lot. Let’s say for example that you treat people who stutter or people who are extremely overweight and you see a comedian poking fun on TV. How can you turn that experience into a teaching tool through your article? What misconceptions could you clear up using the jokes as a springboard for your thoughts? If you were there with the comedian, what would you have told him? Also, besides generating an instructive piece, you could do a short essay style article including some of the emotion you felt at the time. If you can start your notes in the heat of the moment even on a scrap piece of paper, all the better.
What misinformation do you see over and over again to the point it ticks you off?
In many industries, there are myths and misconceptions that just don’t go away. Book publishing is one of them. As an author and publishing coach, I see it all the time. People jump at the chance to be published, and believe that even if they paid for it, it’s all the same thing. Others believe that if they are picked up by a publisher, the publisher will handle marketing while they collect royalties and start writing the next book. Dreams and goals are good to have, but they need to be based in reality and the list of myths could go on and on. What is the equivalent in your niche or industry? What do you read in forums or on social networks that causes you to want to literally shake some sense into people (or if you prefer, knock the stupid out of them)? There’s at least one article in all of that frustration, if not two or three. Start the fire, fan the flames for a while and see where the momentum takes you. So go ahead, get mad and get ideas!

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