How Not To Sell Online – Copywriting

Do you want to have an online business that makes no sales? One way is to have bad copy on your pages.
If you have a business where you sell products that are in demand and you have done well locally with the products, but you can’t seem to sell them online, perhaps your copy is not what it should be. If you notice your traffic flow is high but you just aren’t getting the conversions you want, it could be because you are saying the wrong thing.
Did you know that content is what helps you sell products? Good copy is the backbone of any website. Without it you are dead in the water. How do you expect to sell anything if your web content is boring or lacks substance of some type?
Your copy has to let your visitors know what you are selling and why they need to buy it. You have to appeal to their sense of entitlement. You have to appeal to their “what’s in it for me” mentality. To do this you must write website text that will entice your visitor to read and follow through until you accomplish the end result with the user: a sale.
This is known as online copywriting. When you write for your website, you have to write in a way to attract readers like a magnet. You want to compel your visitor to read your words. Try to remove all their fears about buying from you. You can do this by making your copy credible. How can this be done? By including testimonials. Testimonials tell the visitor that others have tried your product and liked it or found it worked for them.
You also have to explain the benefits they will get from buying your product. This is a very important part of copywriting. People are not interested in the features as much as they are about the benefits. For example, lets say you go to a car dealership in the heat of summer to buy a car. You request one with air conditioning. Now the salesman will come out and try to convince you to buy that car. In this case you are not interested in how the air conditioner works or how much energy it uses. All you want to know is will the air be cold enough to keep you comfortable in the dog days of summer. If you can do this in your website copy, you’ve done it.
If you have competitors selling the same thing, you have to stress your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). This is a special or unique feature or benefit of your product that is better than anything your competitors may have.
Do yourself a favor and write copy that really sells. Make sure to target your audience when you write for your website. Know your price and include it in your text. Above all, write an attention-grabbing headline that will really spark interest and get people to pay attention to what you have to say.

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