Copywriting Rates And How To Determine Them

Whether you’re a budding copywriter or you’re an online businessman, it’s important that you will be able to determine proper copywriting rates to be able to get true value to what you will be earning or paying. So how will you know what constitutes the fair price?
Unlike any other form of writing, copywriting is entirely different and requires a certain set of skills and knowledge. Not all writers are adept to this type of project and only those with training or experience in this area can write an effective piece which will serve its purpose like brand building, lead generation, sales conversion, or for search engine optimization. Everybody knows how important copywriting is for your content, and for your online marketing efforts, but how much are you willing to pay for it?
If you’re going to do a search online for copywriting rates, you won’t get a definite answer. There really is no fixed rates for copywriting services as each copywriter, and there are lots of them, have their own charging rates. This is a swell, as not all copywriters possess the same skill levels. You don’t want to end up paying for some mediocre copy.
There are several factors that both copywriter and the website owner should consider when determining copywriting rates. Here are some of those factors.
The scope of the project – This will include the topic and sub topics, as well as the quantity. Some projects are more complex than others, especially when it deals with subjects that would require lots of research. For example, if the topic would need some technical know-how or would require a writer to have an in-depth knowledge about certain processes, then this would of course increase the rates. And the bigger the project, meaning the more words or pages required to get a more comprehensive coverage, then this will of course involve more hours of work.
Special Instructions – Building a 10 story building that goes straight up would be far cheaper than building a 5 story building that weaves in and out of a curvy hill. Special instructions and requests will involve a more complex and difficult task. This will of course heighten the work load and create more pressure on the creativity of the copywriter.
The time of accomplishment – Most copywriters set a period wherein they can normally finish the job. At most, they allocate 4 to 8 hours of each day. If a project demands that it would be prioritized and finished earlier than what would be the normal time frame, then this puts a premium on the copywriting rates as it would mean extra hours to the copywriter’s working day.
Experience and skills – A franchise player like Michael Jordan would always have a higher fee than the benchwarmers. The best copywriters of today will ensure that you have copy and content that would do its objectives, and this would of course cost more as compared to other copywriters that don’t have the skills to guarantee their work, nor the experience of being flexible and to deliver excellent results.

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