Tips To Aid You To Develop Awesome Content

Content for Article Writing on the Web
Content for articles comes more easily for some people than it does for others. When a writer is starting out, if they do not have a specific topic which they are passionate about they may end up groping their way through the maze of available subject material. It is difficult at times to nail down just one thing on which to focus.
Better to Set an Anchor
While it is acceptable to write about many different things, doing that can result in it taking a longer time to find your place in the search engine rankings. If you do not care if anyone reads your articles, this is of no consequence. However, I suspect that the vast majority of writers expect their articles to be read. The best way for your article to be found on the web is for it to be ranked on the search engines and for it to be shared with others through the social media sites. The sooner this can happen for you, the better and the faster your next articles and your website will be noticed. It is like word of mouth in the gossip group at the water cooler at work – well, use your imagination! It is better to have an anchor set. That is, it is better to have a main theme to your website or your article series than to write a variety of unrelated articles.
Tips for Creating Article Content
The following are a few tips to help you to create some killer content to rate higher more quickly.
What benefit are you giving to your reader? When your reader hits your page, you want to catch their attention quickly so they will stay there. You want to make sure they know they got to the page they intended to come to but also you want them to know that there will be a benefit for them if they read this page. Otherwise, why would they want to stay? Your reader wants to know, “What’s in this for me?”

Your title or headline should contain your keyword(s) not only so the reader knows she is in the right spot but also so the search engine knows what your article is about and will rank it appropriately.

A short, say 500 word article, may be long enough but if you are a new writer and you are competing with existing writers for a popular topic, you will have to have some very exceptional writing both in scope and in context if you want to be noticed.

A better tactic (than the one above) may be to create a tutorial of a series of small articles in a website. Create a great landing page. The landing page can be optimized for the search engines. This is much easier than having to optimize each page of the tutorials. The landing page will also be the “Table of Contents” for the tutorials with links to the different pages of the tutorials with their contents. Of course, you will have to make the landing page user-friendly.

Current content will often relate in some way to previous content you have written. As you learn, you may build on something that you have written about before. Your current reader may be unaware of the information you have written about previously. Being able to read the original material may make the current material more understandable. Be sure to link back to that content so that you have links back and forth within your own site. This again, will help to improve your ranking on the search engines. There is software on the market that is helpful with this process.
Naturally, every author is entitled to write as he or she sees fit. Writing for the internet is not different but writing so that your article will be found by the people you hope will read it is a challenge.

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