Article Writing – Create Your Own Rent Free Mobile Outdoor Office – What You Need

Sometimes sitting inside at your computer writing articles just doesn’t seem like the best use of a beautiful sunny day. The solution is simple. Get your own outdoor office under a shade tree in the park, at the beach, or by a lake. I have all of these and they are equipped with every thing I need to work or even lean back in my chair and take a well deserved break. If taking a break seems too non-productive, think of it as a session of creative brain storming. That should satisfy even the strictest work ethic.
Here is a list of items I have developed over several years for the optimum office.
1. A comfortable folding chair. This is kept in the trunk of my car at all times. I find I do my best word very close to the ground. A leg length of nine inches seems about right. I was surprised to find that some of my colleagues are comfortable only in a full height chair. Experiment but be sure that like Goldilocks, you find a chair that is just right for you.
2. A hat and sunglasses. Keep a set in the car your comfort and protection.
3. Alternative clothing. Again, keep these available in your car. Weather changes. An old jacket is good to have for those days that turn breezy and chilly. A good hat an rain jacket allows for uninterrupted contemplation when a light shower arrives. A small folding umbrella is a good addition for walks. An old swim suit is good for those days when the lake or ocean calls to me.
4. Food and drink. Carry bottled water if that is your choice. I prefer a two quart plastic container with lemonade or other fruit juice. Another container with a couple of sandwiches or a big salad will get you through several hours. take some fruit. Bananas are recommended if you are combining work with a run, jog, vigorous walk, or contemplative stroll.
5. Writing materials. I use one of those cloth bags designed to clip in three ring binders to keep a supply of pencils, pens, and index cards. Spiral notebooks are the best for keeping material together and are easily managed in windy locales. A small recorder and camera can be used to make quick notes.
6. Backpack and tote bag. Use a small backpack to keep the writing materials, books, and other reference materials. After a couple of accidents, I added a small tote bag for the food and drink items.
7. A digital library. I use an ipod. It fits in my pocket and has enough books to carry me for a year. It is easy to read in the daylight.
8. Not a laptop. Not a laptop because it does not seem proper in this environment. Too big and weather changes cause unnecessary anxiety. In spite of good intentions of the designers, devices to shade the computer from the sun seem rather unwieldy. Leave it at home.
Try working in your personal outdoor office. If the outdoors has little appeal, this office has also been used in shopping malls, food courts, libraries, air terminals, waiting rooms, and various government buildings.

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