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There are more blogs out on the internet than you can shake a stick at, but how many people really provide great blog content? Many of the people who are writing don’t understand how to write blogs to get traffic to their websites and then moan and groan because no one is visiting or commenting on their web content.
What they don’t realize is that effective blog content can be made easy by simply following a few simple rules. The first thing you need to do is realize that no one is searching for you on the internet. (With the possible exception of your friends and Facebook creepers.) What people are searching for is either solutions to their problems or specific entertainment. So unless you happen to be Justin Timberlake, you better concentrate on solving some sort of problem for folks out there.
When we talk about problems we really mean offering solutions to people. Is your blog all about knitting? When then you should be solving the problems of yarn choices or patterns for projects or something along those lines. Blogging about how Betty Sue has the prettiest scarf you ever saw isn’t helping anyone find you unless you are telling about her yarn choice and how she made it. (How-to projects are searched pretty heavily online.)
Keywords are key to getting traffic to your site. This is beating a dead horse, but some people still aren’t thinking about how most of the planet is using search engines. You may feel that people (using the above example) are searching for Betty Sue, when really everyone is looking for “easy knitting patterns” (49,500 global monthly searches) or “learn to knit” (27,100 global monthly searches.)
Until you use some sort of keyword tool you are missing out on a ton of traffic and your website is likely to become a “Field of Dreams” that no one comes to visit. Without targeted traffic it is impossible to make any money from a website unless you have most of the planet visiting on a regular basis. It’s much easier to build a close knit family of visitors (Ouch) than it is to get hundreds of thousands of people looking at your blog.
So, the easy way to write your effective blog entries is to visit a keyword generation site (like Google’s keyword tool external) and pepper your blog entries with the phrases you find there. In many cases the keywords that come up almost write your blog content for you. String the various phrases together into coherent sentences that make up an informative story and the next thing you know you’ll have targeted traffic that returns again and again.

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