Composing An Effective Sales Page

Your sales page is where your marketing success begins and possibly comes to an abrupt halt if what people see is not composed and presented properly! The purpose of this article will be to focus primarily on the order in which advertising copy is presented on the sales pages that will return the best results! Great copy is worthless if it is not presented properly since people will leave most sales pages long before they even read all the content it contains! Remember, your marketing success depends on getting your message delivered!
Here is a suggested 10 step guideline proven effective for delivering advertising copy that helps captivate and engage readers long enough to deliver your entire message.
Capture Attention
Headlines and titles need to ‘reach out’ and grab your intended readers attention since this is the first thing they will read on most sales pages! In most cases addressing the discomfort or dissatisfaction the reader is experiencing works best at generating their interest or curiosity.
Address the Problem
Here is where you want to identify exactly the problem your reader is experiencing. By doing so you are further engaging them since you are making it clear to them that you understand their situation. People will generally only have an interest in the advertising copy in front of them if they feel it may be of some use or help to them.
Solve the Problem
Here is where you offer the solution to the problem readers are experiencing. Carefully explain how you can provide people relief from what they are experiencing. Only present your solution and remind people of how it will give them relief but do not make any sales offers just yet. Allow your reader to simply consider what their life would be like with their problem solved and do not pressure them into making any decisions at this point!
Present your Credentials
Using subtlety in your advertising copy simply explain to people who you are and why they should listen to you. Perhaps you have experienced these same problems in he past or have even worked with others, successfully to eliminate similar discomforts. In any case point out that it is the solution you have presented that was responsible for solving the problem.
Show the Benefits
Now you begin to focus more on the solution you have presented in terms of the benefits it offers. Visitors are now convinced you can relate to their situation and that you may even hold the answers to solving their dilemma. In almost every case your marketing success depends upon convincing people they need what you offer and reviewing your product benefits is a subtle way of doing so!
Give Proof
Presenting social proof in the form of testimonials always help to lend reassurance to anybody considering a change or purchase. It is a natural need for anybody making a decision to seek the opinions of others first. Offering positive testimonials will go a long way towards convincing a reader they need to have your solution.
It is important to note that no sales pressure has yet been applied and that page visitors are merely considering a purchase based upon merely the information you shared!
Present Your Offer
Make your offer at this point reminding folks what they stand to gain in terms of benefits and what they have to lose if they choose not to make a change. Letting them know they can fulfill a need and alleviate a problem by simply accepting your offer pushes them that much closer to making the purchase. It is now in their hands!
Calm Their Fears
The product has been presented along with the benefits and supporting testimonials so the only thing left is to offer your guarantee. Sales pages with the highest conversion rates usually offer some type of money back guarantee allowing buyers the chance to ‘change their mind’ after the purchase.
Encourage Reader to Take Action
Make it very clear to visitors what exactly they now need to do to make the purchase and solve their problem. Make the buying process as simple and convenient as possible and encourage folks to take action now since the sooner they do the better they will feel!
Closing Reminder
Close out the advertising copy on your sales pages with a quick review of the visitors problems/suffering and how your offer will be their remedy. Remind them this remedy is within their grasp on this very page and once again exactly they need to do to get it!
Your sales page is where your online marketing success can begin or even abruptly end if you do not present or ‘structure’ your message properly. Great advertising copy needs not only to be persuasive but also delivered in an order or fashion that people can more comfortably process. The 12 step guideline offered above serves to ‘feed’ readers certain information as needed. In doing so people are kept more fully engaged and less likely to leave any of your sales pages before they have viewed your entire message!

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