Becoming A Content Writer – What Qualifications Are Needed

So you want to become a content writer, do you have the skills, courage, patience and drive to make it a reality? Before you answer this question, I want to take you on a small journey to places where some content writers work. Some writers work in-house for large corporations; they provide sales copy, marketing, reports, memos, newsletters, technical manuals. Others work for schools, tech firms, marketing firms, small businesses and other industries. What qualifications are needed to become a content writer?
Some places may require a degree of a bachelor’s level or higher, while others prefer relevant work experience. Would certificates help you land a job? This is possible, but proving authenticity from an employer’s point of view can be challenging. There have been cases of employee fraud, so it will be your call if you want to use a certificate on your resume. A degree can help you nail better paying jobs but if you are not inclined to pursue a four-year degree, you could limit yourself to providing content for article sites. Some sites are really good in pay, while others are not so hot.
Relevant job experience is a plus and lying about it will cause you some serious problems. Build up your credentials by working for a few content sites or freelance sites; use your experience to land your first writing gig. There have been plenty of times I’ve had clients complain about a lying content provider. Be true in your proposals to the clients, honesty is the best option. There are sites to help you build up your content skills and include Text broker, Suite 101, Examiner and much more before you launch into other sites such as Guru, Elance and Odesk. There are also creative staffing agencies that can help you find the right gig, if you have experience or degree.
The best qualification for a content writer is having the right skills, languages, grammar, researching capabilities and other software skills to help foster a budding profile. Let’s take a step into the mind of a highly qualified content provider, they are confident, love to learn, aggressive and bold and very creative and passionate about the written word, these are the highly successful writing agents. Now that you know the qualifications you need, to be a content writer, you can go out and earn a nice income based on your ability to work.

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