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Are you interested in a freelance copywriting career? If you’re a new copywriter, the process of getting hired can seem challenging. However it’s really quite simple. Let’s see how you can make it straightforward so you get as many clients as you want.
1. Introduce Yourself: Make a List of Attributes and Create a Bio
Chances are that you’ll start your copywriting career online. You want people to hear about you, and hire you, often without even speaking to you. This means that you’ll need to create material which introduces you to your prospective clients.
It’s not as simple as saying, “hire me!”
Your prospects are focused solely on what they want to achieve in their business. Perhaps they’re launching a new product, or are re-launching an established product. Whatever their needs are, they’re solely focused on them — not on hiring a copywriter.
Since people are focused solely on what they want, you need to meet them more than half way. You need to realize that rather than focusing on what you want and your own needs, you need to focus on your prospective clients and think about what they want, and how you can help them to get it.
This means that everything you create in order to market yourself needs to be created from the point of view of your clients.
Your first step is to create a bio. Make a list of your own attributes to create it. What do I mean by attributes? I mean your abilities, as they relate to your clients — your writing skills, your knowledge about their particular industry, and so on.
2. Know What to Ask: Create a Questionnaire
Once you’ve created your bio, it’s time to create a questionnaire, which is also known as a “briefing sheet”.
Having a questionnaire which you can pass to your clients via website makes it easy for your prospects to classify themselves. You can create your questionnaire in various formats, but the most useful format is an online form.
Your questionnaire can be as long or as short as you wish. Don’t spend too much time worrying about it because you will often change it.
3. Give Incentives, Get Testimonials
Please realize that when you’re starting out as a copywriter, testimonials are essential. Therefore in your first few months, ensure that you get testimonials — the easy way to get them is to ensure that you give your clients incentives so that they’ll provide them.
Your incentives can be anything you like. An easy incentive is to give your clients a price brea

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