5 Unique Headline Ideas That Work

Your headline is your first and maybe your only chance to lure people into reading your text. If that headline is not compelling, why would anyone want to read further? Typically headlines follow a certain format but there is no reason that you have to necessarily stay within that format. Instead, be innovative to both compel people to want to learn more.
Creating the perfect headline can feel daunting. Always write your headlines first. That isn’t the final copy. It is just a rough draft and you can revamp it when you’re done with the rest of the article or post. Read on for five ways of writing unique headlines that work.
Here is Quick Way to (blank)
This is easy, it speaks to people. We want to know how to solve our problems quickly. Everyone does. Whether it’s finding a quick way to get a better body or a quick way to apply eyeliner, this type of headline is effective and compels people to read on.
Little Known Methods to (do something)
It’s common to want access to information and knowledge that other people don’t have. This headline speaks to that desire. It draws you in by letting you feel like you will learn hidden secrets if you continue reading.
What Everyone Should Know About (Blank)
People are curious and this phrase makes curious people keep reading. It’s almost a challenge for people to read on. Its phrases like this that make people want to read your information.
Who Else Wants (Something)?
This unique headline tells the reader that other people want this information, and thus they should want it too. Asking questions in headlines is often effective.
Get Rid of (Issue) Forever
This headline illustrates the problem and lets the reader know that the answer is to follow. Tap into that unfulfilled desire.
People read headlines approximately five times more than they do the body of an article. This means that the main priority and focus must always be on the headline. Writing it first gives you a framework to work with. After writing the article or post, go back and see if it still fits with the headline. If not, feel free to write and rewrite it as needed. Get creative! The above listed headline options are just guidelines. Make them your own.
The more creative your headlines, the better your chances will be of attracting many new readers.

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