Different Letters You Could Write

Several years ago, a good friend introduced me to Ron Gwak, a Korean entrepreneur. They requested me to write various letters of which can be patterns for expressing profound thoughts and emotions.
In writing letters, you need to be true to yourself and to the receiver of the letter. Honesty counts. Few strong phrases could be enough to express a clear correspondence. To vary style, you need to take into consideration the receiver or reader of the text, to fit the right format and weight of expression and script.
– Have a topic in mind. A letter needs a theme or focus. You must be sure of what you will have to speak about.
– Make a good letter structure. Review the basic letter format. It can be like writing small paragraphs and telling stories to a friend or reader, right in front of you.
– Be careful choosing the words to include, especially if it’s a formal correspondence.
– Include inspiration in your writing. Know your point and make sure it is shared well.
– Get other letter samples including verses, poems or notes from prose cards, books and online.
Read the following letter excerpts:
1. A Sorry Letter
Nothing is more painful than the loss of your affection.
I am sorry for breaking your heart, for making you cry, for letting you go.
2. A Love Ready For A Commitment
I want to fulfill my love for you because I think I am ready for a big change in my life.
Everything remains a mystery, yet I feel the reasons why I loved you so much.
3. To A Friend Who Loves You So Much
I feel happy about the friendship. I treasure it as much as I treasure my life.
I felt the luxury of growing because I was happy being with you. The laughter seemed to be without end. The loneliness assured us of wisdom.
4. A Love Affair Unfulfilled
The urgency of the situation is left unmoved. We couldn’t forgo destiny. It was like we could not be disposed, but commit ourselves to others. How could that be?
You are miles away and it is apparent that we could never be together. Our journey will be miles until such time we can meet again…
5. An Inspirational Message
When there’s no one to listen, God is there.
It feels so bad when you’re cheated and you need justice, but then, look around and count the things you have that money can’t buy. Count your blessings and share them. Give thanks and remember that nothing can defend against the force of charity and faith in God.
6. To A Brother Or A Sister
Everything about our childhood remains distinct to me. I can never forget the joy we shared. Looking back, I discovered our adventures and the meaning of love in you.
I was not able to tell you how I adored your talents. To God I entrust you.

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