How You Can Write Articles For Profit

For several years my wife and I have run a business from the U.K., that retailed health and herbal products and we were doing reasonably well. Then with the hike in expenses both in our own country and in the countries we were buying from the cost of the products kept rising, which meant that we were forced to keep putting up our prices to our customers.
We felt that we had to charge too much for the products to make any money so we decided to stop retailing and become affiliates instead. This meant that our loyal customers, who we didn’t want to let down, could still buy the same products but directly from the suppliers. Quite often, these companies could offer much better discounts on quantity orders than we could.
Our next problem was how we were going to attract customers to our affiliate pages. The first thing we did was to tell all our existing customers what we were doing so that they were able to continue to buy the products that they were using and, of course, we would be able to make a commission on the sales.
Then we had to find a way of attracting new customers to our affiliate sites. After extensive and expensive research and trial and error, we started to use ‘article marketing’. This is also known as bum marketing, so called because it is a very easy concept to understand.
What is article marketing? Simply put, you write articles about the product that you are promoting, submit them to a suitable directory (like this one), people read what you have written and if they are interested click your link. Then if they buy the product you make a commission and you could possibly earn a commission on future sales too. This is a very simplified version of the procedure but it gives an idea of what we do.
To submit an article to most directories is free and if you write your own articles, this kind of advertising won’t cost you a bean and this is the best sort of cost. You will need to study the terms and conditions of submitting to these directories to make sure there will be no problems with your articles being accepted.
You may not want to write your own articles or feel that your writing skills are not up to it. No problem. There are plenty of ghostwriters available. A quick search online will find several suitable companies. At present we use a German company and an American company, who produce great articles of about 400 to 500 words for less than $5 each. We also write some of our own stuff which again costs us nothing but time.
This method of earning money might seem simple but bear in mind that you will need to persevere for quite a while before you start to see decent results and if you decide to give this a go, you need to just keep going.
There is a lot more to this subject than can be written in a short piece like this but I hope this has given you some idea of how you can make money from article marketing.

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