Is There Any Way To Seduce Your Customer Into Buying Your Products

What if you could seduce someone to buy your products/services? Does that make you wonder how much extra income you can generate? is it even right to create such a parallel between dating/relationship and writing your own copy?
One might think that you are being manipulative, just because of the word seduction which has negative connotations. So the questions comes up again….
How would you seduce your customer to buy?
If you’re anything like me, then you are not just thinking of seducing a customer. You are thinking of courting and creating a relationship. You are thinking of long term plan in terms of relationship between you and me.
Understanding the dynamics between you and your customer is going to be important. And you’ll realize that you cannot let just anyone enter in your domain. This is exactly going to be your first step.
1. Choosing a right partner.
Targeting who’s going to be your partner is very important. You just cannot let any enter in your life, can you? So you are going to create a profile for a you intended customer just like you’ll create a profile for your life partner.
2. Creating attraction in the customer
After you’ve chosen what kind of customer you want, you’ll have to attract them to get to next step. This is where all the seduction tactics comes into play. Now imagine if this is seduction, how you’ll attract your customer. The easiest way to do is either by generating curiosity about you (this is what they call USP in marketing speak) or to titillate their mind by something.
Your goal is get them attracted enough to start a conversation with you.
3. Creating a conversation.
After you’ve attracted your intended customer, you have to create an interaction and start a conversation. You might think this is step 2, but it isn’t. Conversation is all about 2 people conversating with each other. Step 2 (attraction) is all about you getting their attention.
4. Multiple dates.
Before you can close the sale, you have to create an opportunity to get multiple dates with them. If you gotten step 2 and 3 write, this is going to be easy. They’ll love to hang around you because you are interesting, different and tad bit eccentric.
5. Closing the sale.
Now I know the guys are often thinking of “one night stands” before they even begin their conversation. If you try, you might even close the sale early but how effective it’ll be? You want them to come to you over and over again. That’s where the real fun of this business is. Again thinking long term, you should be closing in a way, that make them look for you again. This is where customer service comes into play.
I personally loved the company whose customer service was one of the best and referred them most of my contacts because I loved their product and their service.

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