Is There No Hope Of Doing Perfect Research

Today when I was invited by an Academic research website’s H.R. Manager to write on the above stated topic the first thing I did almost subconsciously was to paste the topic in the great wizard of our time “Google”. I started clicking on the first few pages and then I got confused without even reading the contents thoroughly. What am I doing? And, why am I doing this? These were the questions that came to my mind instantaneously. Today almost every other researcher goes through the same process. Motivated by money, educational goals and/or seeking knowledge is actually a systematic process and this is how every research should be conducted.
The word research means “to investigate” or “systematic search” however, it is also described as the will to seek knowledge. Today in the modern age every human mind is bombarded with thousands of ideas every day. The knowledge of centuries can come to your fingertips within minutes through the marvels of “Internet”. When I am inquired to research on given topic or subject the first question that comes to my mind is always the very simple and important one. What is the purpose of this research? Research for the sake of research accomplishes nothing more than an endless loop of ideas at time circulating around each other and other times they take you very far away from the given task and plunge you into a sea of never ending information. The true purpose of any research should be to unearth something innovative, to invent something, to write or say something that is never been said or written.
For me the word Research offers every mind two ideas within itself. Re which can be translated into “Again” and Search which means “To Seek”; I believe this defines the very reason why a systematic pattern or procedure shall be adopted when conducting a “Research”. The second most important thing shall be the goal of your research. I am more of a spiritual person myself and admirer of great literature disregarding the language. This why when I read the phrase “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” in Paulo Coelho’s creation “The Alchemist” I believed it instantaneously. On this very point I was forced to consult the great wizard “Google” because I could not rely on my memory for the exact phrase. I believe this is how this “extraordinary tool” shall be used. To find the correct words before phrasing them and the due credit shall be given to the original writer not some mere webmaster who probably did not even attempted to get permission to re-publish someone’s work. It shall be used to find authentic knowledge instead of collecting data like a mere tool. When a human mind fails to do it this “extraordinary tool” named “Google” becomes a “great wizard” with a gigantic brain, pitching in so much information a human mind cannot possibly skim through.
Here I am forced to state that, I can keep on blabbering about the given topic pitching in different sources and if not hundreds than tens of pages but I believe I have achieved my goal already. I would also like to acknowledge the work cited to give credit to a great scholar of our time i-e Mr. Coelho. I would also like to state that book “Alchemist” was originally written in Portuguese during the year 1988 however, one may find English editions published during the year 1993, 1996, 2002 and 2006. I will skip the rest of the details and finish my essay here.

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