Refine Your Creative Writing Ideas

As writers, we are always reminded that we should think out of the box. It is what original writing is all about. However, most of the time, writers don’t know from where to start. There is hardly any subject that has not been discussed and dissected whether it is in food, literature, fashion or simple things like daily shopping.
The best way to refine your creative writing ideas is not to think too much over it. The more you ponder, the harder it is to write or even define the treatment you would give to a subject.
Tips to refine your creative writing ideas:
1) Firstly, clear your mind. To do that it is best that you indulge in some form of physical activity- a walk or a swim. Breaking your routine abruptly will refresh your mind.
2) When you are outside in the open, breathe in deeply, feel the fresh air and satiate your creative senses with the sounds and smell around you. Here, you could find a scene for your novel that you had been meaning to write.
2) You can talk to a friend. Talking and discussing your life can have a cathartic effect and even help you see things in a different light.
3) Listening to your favorite music or the soundtrack of your most cherished movie. This relaxes the mind, and the images of the movie can inspire you to re-think about the plot that you have been planning to write.
4) Read a magazine or book which is different from what you normally do. If you are not interested in fashion, then it is time you look into the trends in clothing and hairstyle. Find out where it is going to head and maybe the heroine of the story needs a makeover. This can radically change the character of your leading lady and add some drama.
5) Change the location of your writing. If you are always at your writing desk, it can limit your visual sense. You can get a window seat of a cafe and start writing or even at the library. Find a setting that you would usually bother trying. The new stimulation will revive your creativity.
6) If you always write using your laptop or desk computer. Try going the old-fashioned way and use the pen and paper instead. Take loose sheets and an ink pen and scribble down those bubbling ideas. Nostalgia has a way of opening new creative doors.
There are infinite ways to refine your thinking process. The best way to succeed is to focus on your positive traits. Original writing ideas will never cease. It lies in the imaginative mind of the creative one who understands how to perform word play at its best.

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