Top Tips For Writing White Papers That Will Enhance Your Business Credibility

Increasing your brand visibility is one of the core activities of any company and the technique applied by most marketers for enhancing business credibility is “white papers”. To put in simple words, a white paper is a report that focuses on various problems, and offers the best possible solutions at the same time. Actually, these papers are used to educate readers and help them to make proper decisions. White papers are very common in the political field, but now these papers are regarded as an important tool in business. These papers can be posted on a company’s website and can also be sent through mail. These papers can also be posted on e-newsletters and presentations.
Many marketers tend to consider this an old fashioned method, but white papers, when used in combination with other marketing methods, can actually help in boosting your business. Publishing this paper is advantageous for your company because it helps in increasing your viewership, making more and more people aware of your brand. Apart from publishing white papers, you can apply other methods like website content writing, blog writing and posting and E book writing for increasing your online visibility. You can also resort to article writing for increasing your brand visibility.
Writing these papers is totally different from copywriting or website content writing. Actually, these papers are not meant to explicitly sell any product or service. The target reader actually gets a thought provoking insight or guidance on a particular topic. In short, a white paper is created to offer tips or expert advice on a complicated topic. So, the language that is used for writing this paper has a formal and technical tone. Here are some tips that can help you to master the art of writing these papers.
Come up with a relevant topic:
You should always have a relevant topic in mind before you start on with your white paper. Whether you offer professional advice or want to explain a complicated trend, your target audience must think that the paper was worth reading. Once you plan your topic, you must check your competitors as well. Do not get dispirited if you find too many white papers on the same topic. You can write your paper from a completely new perspective.
Avoid a sales pitch:
While writing your papers, always try to avoid sales copy. Your aim should be to educate your readers. Win their trust and highlight the prospects of purchasing a product. Actually, your readers look for professional advice or relevant information, so do not misguide them with an overtly sales pitchy tone. You can include a short “about us” just at the end of the report. If the readers like your white paper, they’ll surely take interest in your company.
Avoid writing a book:
“Brevity is the soul of wit” – express your thoughts or give expert advice using the minimum words. Do not end up writing a whole book. Focus on the latest trends, emerging regulations, and a single topic to make your white paper popular among readers.
Get your thoughts right!
Once you plan your topic, you should spend a particular time organizing your thoughts. It is always better to group your haphazard thoughts in a proper order. After all, your thoughts will have a compelling effect on your audience only when you can build your story well.
Graphics and Layout:
Many people can absorb ideas well if they are presented through graphs, charts, screenshots, flowcharts, timelines and illustrations. While creating your white paper, always use relevant subheadings and leave enough space and gaps between visuals and texts so that people find it easier to read. Usage of a simile or a metaphor can even help to elucidate a complicated thought.
Writing these papers is not a simple task, and it is a fact that you cannot master this skill overnight. To create thought provoking papers and to authenticate your points, you need to conduct proper research on your topic. You need to interview vendors and customers as well as plan and revise your work properly to ensure clarity and accuracy.

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