if the BOSS alone kill will gain experience

this silver month Pluto is also holding a cold sweat, just because thousands of game player will this BOSS out of the heap, if there is something wrong it can even lost out, now a group of game player from time to time to join, but for field BOSS is drop in the bucket of no great use.
n when a group of about 300 people in the game player from the silver month Pluto behind the emergence, name all is a unified silver vest, the lead is the Liu family second young master, game ID silver month evil king.
n Liu Jun saw his brother with a air jordan flight join a group of game player is not by Panasonic in one breath, it seems that the BOSS is promising, otherwise oneself only is compensated for these game player level requires a no small expenditure, wait until after BOSS’s death will be able to get a lot of experience, and drop items can also save the jordan bebe loss of their own, if the strike lucky drop a help build token, so even in let one thousand people rank zero he would be willing to..
More than 300 game player to join the new n Su Mu looks on the field is not by the frown, it seems your plan is to fail, see on the field of the game player collective siege BOSS, BOSS of the christian louboutin soldes value of life to the naked eye louboutin pas cher speed dropped Su mu heart is cool, although BOSS every attack sandales louboutin will take a group of game player, but also save its life value air jordan spizike continued to decline in the jordan enfants tragedy..
n Su Mutan tone seems I was white, when Su Mu turned to leave, BOSS suddenly sends out a roars, followed by the body is suffused with air jordan rose a fire red gold, then the effect of variation, Su Mu see after he exclaimed;
n "my goodness.." Psychic rhino like robots in general, it is certainly not a piece of white light flashed, game player on the field more than 300 not enough it waste, continuous several collision will game player who hit back again.
n louboutin sneakers and Liu Jun this time happy just not feeling by the fall in the valley, talons louboutin but still react rapidly receding, wait until after the BOSS finished a prostration to tidy up him..
n not much on the field of the silver moon bottines louboutin game player are all really died..
n psychic rhino aura also gradually disappeared, the value of life is a 4 digit, lying on the ground, big mouth panting. The silver month Pluto eyes not bright at first left their own such a game player, if the BOSS alone kill will gain experience, thought of this silver month Pluto will team quit, then laughing carrying weapons to rhino ran, ran to the front they cut two knives, each knife attacks are close jordan blanc to one thousand.
n this psychic jordan spizike rhino defense force has become negative, in Liu Jun happy ready to upgrade and drop of joy, felt his neck a cool, then >


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