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Autumn style without collision color is not wonderful

Autumn is a season of decline, the fall of prosperity, but even in this season can still impress our world view. We have to admire the magic of the Creator. Turn over a new page of dressing, also must have color embellishment, no collision color is not wonderful, autumn style can not lose.

01 leaves are falling, beautiful clothes are on new, let verdant green continue to maintain their position, autumn needs such fresh self-confidence. Red with green ugly to cry, it is because there is no coordination of the proportion of red and green, how can the red and green collision interpretation of other people’s dress so good?

Pink VS wine. See, that’s the power of contrasting colors. A round neck and a v-neck, stupid. Maintainingthe low-key joker of the round collar and showing the elegant self-confidence of the slim V-collar, the off-the-shoulder design has not come out from the summer storm, and perhaps this autumn will continue to be popular.

Cazure blue and wine red can show the calm and low-key just right, plus a touch of white harmony, slightly bright, but after all, will not change the intellectual base. I don’t know how to choose a long-sleeved shirt for autumn, so it’s better to try contrasting colors.

04 Conflicting colors and splicing always work well together. There was something wrong with the denim dye, so there was a clash of dark denim blue and light denim blue to give the cropped pants more line contrast. Wide-leg trouser design can clearly see this color contrast chic, mix style needs such a pair of personality jeans.

05 you want to be gorgeous, is a glance can see the bright, but also how to see can not see enough wonderful. Orange is warm and bright, suitable for the bleak autumn, blue is clear and natural, with traces of autumn, and large areas of white just foil the visual sense of the other two colors.

You need a dress that will allow you to remain confident when you are suddenly called to a formal event while shopping. Irregular clipping needs bump color to show ability, the fashionable span of hide cyan blue is wider and wider. The waist design and cuff echo each other, more beautiful and more natural.

07 red enthusiasm, blue composed, but it happened not to be willing to neutralize, no matter what kind of color you prefer, you can not ignore another color acme make public sense. The unique design of mesh splicing makes the collision of colors more confident, and leisure is also to have its own unique.

08 the more gorgeous color, the better, the pattern is not the more the better, after all accidentally fell into the pit of piling. Fortunately, as long as you get the right contrast of shades of color, anything is possible. The clever application of geometrical figure, let slightly show the knitwear of massiness is not so cumbersome.

09 is not so much the collision of colors as the collision of materials, more can reflect the leisure and publicity of the dress. Lotus leaves have not released their energy in summer, so the first wave of autumn dress is about to maintain some traces. The more color contrast is clear, the more you can reflect the uniqueness of this skirt.Read more at:ladies formal dresses | white evening dresses

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