Using a Typing Tutor to Improve Keyboard Skills

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  • July 21, 2009

With computers becoming more integral to almost every aspect of our lives, learning how to type quickly has increased in importance. While once faster typing speeds were only an asset to individuals pursuing secretarial jobs or looking for work in the writing industry, now almost everyone is going to find themselves using a computer and typing. Being able to do more than “hunt and peck” will make any task easier and faster.

Increasing Speed & Accuracy

Schools and universities used to teach typing but now most places of learning assume you already have some skill at the keyboard so those classes are gone. Instead, students are likely to be asked to write reports and essays on their computers, do research, and communicate with other students or faculty members. And all of these requirements are starting at younger and younger ages. Without good typing skills and the help of an effective typing tutor, many students are going to quickly fall behind their most peers who have had more practice.

Furthermore, many schools would love to provide typing tutor classes or programs for students but the expensive licensing fees for many of the software programs available makes that challenging, particularly when schools have such tight budgets.

Another problem is the content of most typing lessons through traditional typing tutor programs. Many of these are simply not effective for learners of all ages. What works for an adult might not be the best choice for younger typists who need a little more help and whose smaller hands might hinder their typing speed for a few more years.

But none of these problems change the reality that good typing skills, including faster speed and greater accuracy, are important in today’s society. The good news is a solution may be right around the corner.

A Better Typing Tutor

Rapid Typing Tutor is a new type of typing tutor program that addresses many of the problems above. As with most programs, this software is designed to help you and other users increase your speed and accuracy through practice and lessons. Unlike most other programs, Rapid Typing Tutor includes multiple types of lessons to fit different age groups and experience levels. No matter what age level, typing students can see exactly how much they are improving because the software generates statistics and reports to keep them motivated.

Another advantage of the program is it allows users to customize their own lessons. If you’re trying to teach your children or your students improved typing skills, you can develop lessons to help them focus on problem areas. Or if you need a refresher course in how to reach that top number line quickly or if you just want to give your typing speed a bit of a boost, you can develop lessons that will let you do just that. Because multiple keyboard layouts (not just QWERTY) are supported, you can also use Rapid Typing Tutor to learn new layouts and to increase your versatility as a typist.

Of course, one of the best parts of the software is the cost. Downloading and using the program costs nothing for individuals, for schools, or even for larger organizations. It’s an effective and affordable solution to the need for faster and more accurate typing.

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