Does File Recovery Pro really help to recover any lost file or document?

Most computer users know how frustrating it is to lose an important document or a treasured photo. From time to time things get messed up and files get deleted by accident – you press the wrong button, delete all your photos from your camera’s memory card before downloading them to your PC, your software fails, or a nasty virus damages your files. Losing your data can be a disaster and unless the deleted file is still in your Recycle Bin, it’s impossible to recover it manually. But there is a way to recover deleted files – all you need is a bit of know-how and the right file recovery software.

File Recovery Pro is a program that can expertly restore your files in a quick and easy way. The program uses an advanced algorithm that can undelete files you thought were lost forever. Even if you have quick-formatted your drive, File Recovery Pro will be able to help, as it has a Deep Scan feature that can be switched on and off on demand.

The program supports all types of drives and devices, including digital camera memory cards. It also supports all file types, such as documents, images, videos, and audio files. If you are recovering photos or videos, then the Preview feature will come in handy and help you restore exactly what you need. In addition to that, File Recovery Pro supports search filtering and can search for deleted files by name, which can save you a lot of time.

On top of its file recovery functionality, the program has a few additional features. File Recovery Pro can be used to create disk images and back up all your data. The disk image file will contain literally everything on your disk, including the deleted files. Basically, this feature means that you will never need to get separate backup software.

File Recovery Pro can also help you protect your privacy by ensuring that the files you intentionally delete are gone for good. The program is supplied with a file shredder to securely shred confidential files and a disk wiper to wipe the free space on your hard drive. This way you can always be sure that your confidential information can’t be recovered even with the help of powerful file recovery software.

Remember to start the file recovery process as soon as possible and always save your recovered files to a different drive, so that the files you still want to restore don’t get overwritten. This way you are bound to get good results.

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