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Why should everyone use VoIP Technology

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  • February 19, 2008

Do you have a loved one aboard that you miss terribly? He or she is in different time zones, with difficult methods of communication? Is it always a hassle to call their person because you need a calling card that you have to purchase? Do you have businesses in different countries, or will like to set up an easier network to connect more effectively to them? Today’s technology world is growing bigger to let you get to the other person in a shorter time.

Introducing Voice over Internet Protocol, also known as VoIP. VoIP can ensure that you’re never too far away to be near to a loved one. Most people feel that with reduced costs in phone usage, it can be an advantage, especially in the business world. If you have come across any of these while at work, you have a definite reason to start using VoIP: "I make long-distance and international calls that are not cheap and would like to reduce costs.", "It cost a lot to talk to my girlfriend staying in Canada.", "I am frustrated with taxes and long-distance company monopolies."

Reducing or eliminating long distance and local toll charges helps in such cases. Let’s face it – if we can reduce our costs in one area, we can use the money saved in another area. It is about making the best we can get from the little resources we have. There are also lower maintenance charges to worry about because physical moves, additions and changes can be handled centrally in an IP-based network.

Creating the network is cheaper too. Imagine this, you have a normal phone and you need to change it every year. Compare it to paying for an expensive phone once and never having to change it at all. Which will you prefer? The costs of cabling in a new place is generally lower as well, since the same cable carries both voice and data communications. Investing for the long time does have its benefits.

Putting aside cost savings, we will now discuss about better customer interaction and other business process improvements that IP-based communications solutions can offer. A normal phone does not allow you to have video calls, unless it’s a mobile phone, but the costs of it is definitely more expensive as compare to a normal line. Allowing you the benefit of having your own voice, video and data call to any part of the network is an additional benefit.

Whether you are working at home or in an office, you can still log in via the call centers. Also, IP-based solutions allow businesses to implement "hot-desking", which means an employee who is not regularly in an office can still access personalized features like: preprogram speed dial keys, voicemail and follow me.

Cost effective solutions, and also, solutions that are for long term benefits and work equally as well as what you have been using before. Think about putting substantial things in your life that can benefit either yourself or your company.

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