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7 Main Principals to Keep Your Website Simple And Effective

When you are in the threw of creating a web site, you must think deeply and do a great deal of research in order for the result to be a comprehensive an effective one. You will need to think very hard, but one of the most significant things is the simple look you must achieve. This principle should be applied to all components of your website from design, content, graphics, flash, menu, navigation etc.

We will now try and set out some essential tips on how to apply simplicity in the development of your website. It will hopefully help you stick out from the crowd of other sites.

1. Content must be aimed at target audience; while creating content for web pages, bear in mind the audience you appeal to and include only relevant information to it. Try not to overdo the information, even if seems a nice feature but does not make any sense to your readers, give it up!

2. Images, video and flash should be considered very wisely before placing on website. They take bandwidth which means more time to load; it can make visitors nervous while waiting to load what they need. More than that, a user can leave the website because of that. Try not to irritate your visitors.

3. The information displayed on web pages must be nice, pleasant, good looking and easy to digest. When you provide your customers with the information regarding products and services, do it very nobly and give them chance to judge and compare the quality of products offered. It must look like they have free choice to decide what to buy and what the best product is for them. Make them contact you. Success exists in an imaginative dialogue between a company and a client. The company says what client wants to hear.

4. The point number three must be presented in simple and understandable language. Avoid technical terms, industry jargon and other complex language. Headlines must attract visitors, encourage them to read, click further and raise a desire to establish a relationship with your company.

5. Content – is another significant point of successful online marketing. If you have an opportunity to hire a good content writer- she/ he provides your website with qualitative content that will please visitors, this makes them trust the company as the most reliable one and makes them believe that it is exactly what they are looking for. Of course, advertisements, banners and other marketing features are important, just do it within moderation and try not to go over the top with it.

6. Remember that all information must be unique- it is the key rule of the web content. It is a great advantage; otherwise the page will not be indexed by the search engines as well as readers get bored as they might come across a kind of this information elsewhere. No to copies! It is forbidden.

7. Next to design, content navigation must be as simple as possible. Easy search and navigation make visitors enjoy your site. Thus they can easily find what they want. If visitor is satisfied with the all points mentioned above, then it is 100 % that he/ she comes back to your site and more can bring visitors sharing website with friends and colleagues.

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