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ASP.NET PayPal Control for Website Payments Standard

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  • Giugno 16, 2009

SpiceLogic did it again and created another piece of art to facilitate your job as an e-commerce Web Application Developer. They created an ASP.NET Server Control named ASP.NET PayPal control for website Payments Standard; This is the solution that ASP.NET e-commerce developers waited for a long – time.

SpiceLogic provides this awesome Control to relief you from the programming hassle; you can concentrate on your business and leave the rest to this control. PayPal is one of the most popular payment gateway services available on the web today with over a million active users and the most economic checkout option from PayPal is the Website Payments Standard. Being the most economic option, PayPal leaves lots of works/coding to the developers who would like to integrate the Website Payments Standard. One of the challenges is like this: the PayPal form cannot be integrated directly in an ASP.NET web form as you cannot nest a form in another one, you will need to perform a hard manual maneuver to overcome this situation. Those who would want to avoid those complex works would chose expensive checkout options from PayPal with monthly fees. So, what is better than a DLL core that will do it all for you. You do not need to concentrate in integrating payment methods in your website anymore. Instead, you can concentrate on your website itself. You would enjoy not doing the coding work and no monthly fees. How is that!!

The PayPal control application is able to perform the following:

  • Integrate BUYNOW, DONATION, ADD TO CART, UPLOAD COMPLETE CART, SUBSCRIPTION, UNSUBSCRIBE and VIEW CART buttons very quickly to your website payment page. Finally, you can do this in the most object oriented manner without writing a single line of code.
  • You can integrate an Encrypted website payment method without any programming. The DLL interface will do it all for you. Through a very practical GUI interface you will only need to enter the required information and the button will be created on the spot.
  • While generating Encrypted Website Payments Buttons, you need PKCS12 and PEM certificates to create an encrypted website payment method. If you do not have these certificates, do not worry the GUI interface will generate them for you instantly.


There are also other actions that you can perform through this powerful application, the most important actions are:

  • One of the great features of this control is the way it can handle an Instant Payment Notification and Payment Data Transfer. Without this control, as a developer, you would have to write manual code in a separate file and loop through all retrieved IPN/PDT posted strings and search for the desired IPN/PDT string data which is not Strong typed either. Moreover, the posted IPN/PDT is not logically linked to the PayPal Button which caused the Notification. But when you use our control, the control will treat IPN and PDT as a Server Side event. And guess what, all IPN and PDT variables will be available as strongly typed objects from the event argument class. So, you can organize all of your PayPal related business logics in a single page tied up with a single Payment Button Control. When you are using this control, you won’t even need to turn IPN option on in your PayPal Profile. Simply Handle the IPN_Notified event of this control and the control knows what to do. Whenever PayPal receives payment from your customer as a result of the BuyNow or other button’s click, IPN_Notified event will be fired asynchronously from your website and from this event, you will be able to get the strongly typed IPN variables from the Event argument class. Then when your customer is back to your website, PayPal_Returned event will be fired where you can get PDT variables from the event argument class.
  • Now you can store some data using the additional data items option. Through this option you may overcome the problem that occurs when the customer leaves your website to the PayPal website to perform the purchasing action then he is transferred back to your website after this action. During this process, you cannot collect any data except those permitted by the PayPal and limited by a certain amount, but, when you use the ASP.NET PayPal Control for WPS, it would allow you to pass through unlimited number of data as a collection type property which will not be even visible to your customer, so you may benefit from this feature to pass through your sensitive data related to a transaction.


Really, the best thing about this program is that it contains model projects written in C#.net and VisualBasic.net applications so if you are trying to start your own ecommerce website then you just need to develop these models. You do not need to start it all over from the beginning. These models supply you with the basics and you can easily add up the tweaks you need for personalizing your website.

Now, you can try ASP.NET PayPal Control for Website Payments Standard program risk free. You can download a trial version to look at it; this downloadable version contains the core DLL file and the visual studio sample projects. This trial version contains every thing in the full version, the only limitation you have here is that trial version could only be used within the PayPal Sand Box. If you like the program, all what you need to do is to purchase it and get the license code to upgrade your trial version into the full version.

Start Now!!!Go ahead and take your web business into a different level, forget about coding a payment method and concentrate in developing your OWN business.

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