How to book Florence museums.. without loosing money!

Today I wish to write about the lots of on line booking musuems websites that like cheating tourists.
It happens very often that clients come to my reception desk at Antica Dimora Firenze asking me indications and informations about the Uffizi gallery and Academy gallery and I always ask them if they already made advance booking to avoid the long lines for getting into the musuems. Sometimes happens that they made the booking through the many websites that you can find on the web. Avoid these travel web agencies as you’ll pay at least plus 50% more for each ticket.
The official museum website is the Polo Museale and only through this web site you’ll be able to purchase your tickets sure that all will be done without cheating you!
The cost of ticket entrance for the Uffizi and Academy gallery is 6.50 euro per person per museum and during special exhibitions the cost is 10 euro, the reservation fee is 4 euro per person per museum .
You have special reductions: 50% reduction for European Union citizens aged 18 to 25 and for eligible educators.
You have free entrance:
1.European Union citizens younger than 18 or older than 65. Children younger than 12 must be accompanied by an adult;
2.Groups of students from Italy or other EU member states accompanied by their instructors, subject to making reservations and as authorized by school administration;
3.Educators and students in the fields of architecture, the conservation of cultural heritage, education, and degree programs in literature or the humanities with a focus on archeology or art history, as well as the fields of literature and philosophy (students must show proof of enrolment for the current school year);
4.Art academy instructors and students (students must provide proof of enrolment for the current school year);
5.On-duty tour guides (upon presenting a valid license issued by the competent authority);
6.Interpreters assisting tour guides (upon presenting a valid license issued by the competent authority);
7.Employees of the Italian Ministry for Cultural Affairs;
8.Members of the International Council of Museums (ICOM);
9.For the purposes of study and research, certified by an Italian or international university, academy, school, research institute, or cultural organization, or by the Italian Ministry for Cultural Affairs, or for other justifiable reasons, parties requesting to conduct such research may be granted entry free of charge for specified periods of time.
What we do at Antica Dimora Firenze is to take care for our clients of their musuem reservation. They write us an email asking for their favourite day and time and we do all the rest, then…once they check in they find their voucher in their room. Easy, isn’t it?

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