LeaderTask Organizer: How to Work Efficiently

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  • August 16, 2010

"Money is expensive. Human life is more expensive. And time is the most expensive."
Alexander Suvorov.

That’s exactly the way it is: time is the most expensive thing. It is the effective time management that we created LeaderTask Organizer for: it will allow you to increase your effeciency several times and, moreover, you will spend less time and get better results. It’s common knowledge that you need a system that will help you organize the workflow in a smart way in order to increase both personal and corporate efficiency. LeaderTask is exactly this kind of system, or rather a tool to be exact.

How LeaderTask increases your efficiency

  • 1. LeaderTask is perfectly fit to be used with the world-known efficiency increase methodology Getting Things Done (GTD) from time management guru David Allen. Millions of people all over the world use this system in their everyday lives.
  • 2. With LeaderTask, you can easily and visually organize your activities and meetings. You will see a perspective, you will see what to do today and what can be postponed or assigned to someone else. At the same time, your mind will always remain free for new ideas and projects because all information will be safely stored in LeaderTask!
  • 3. LeaderTask is a safe place for storing any of your information: contacts, notes, mail, documents, etc.
    Now you will have everything at hand and immediately available!
  • 4. LeaderTask will not allow you to "forget" or "not have time" to do something important. It will help you single out your business priorities in a smart way and find the best time to complete your tasks.
  • 5. LeaderTask will help you take a detached look at yourself. Reports will show you what exactly you have completed while the timekeeping module will show you what you actually spend your time on.

Why particularly LeaderTask

  • 1. LeaderTask is a popular business organizer thousands of people already use worldwide!
  • 2. The leading experts in time management recommend LeaderTask!
  • 3. LeaderTask has all the necessary tools for effective business management: Tasks, Projects, Contacts, Mail, Notes, Reminders, Synchronization with PDA, with Outlook, export/import to various formats, plug-in support, network version…
  • 4. LeaderTask supports all the main time management methodologies: GTD, Time Drive…
  • 5. LeaderTask has been constantly under active development since 2006 – it’s a guarantee that it will always keep up with time and will never go out of date!

What else LeaderTask can do

LeaderTask has a network version (a network multi-user organizer) for teamwork – Company Management. This version is used to effectively manage employees over the network, distribute tasks between employees, set deadlines, monitor the progress, control the results. And also to maintain your customer database (a CRM system), to keep relationship history and to store corporate information and provide shared access to it.

With LeaderTask Company Management, you can organize a "virtual office". It means that your employees will be able to exchange e-mail and text messages (chat), to share access to files, to see other employees’ online statuses, to assign tasks to each other, to see the progress of projects. And all team members can be anywhere in the world, the main condition is access to the Internet.

Also, LeaderTask has a version for a PDA (Windows Mobile) that allows you to synchronize it with the "main" LeaderTask on your PC and have all the data you need at hand. LeaderTask PDA Organizer is an organizer that is always with you, it is used to put down and view various tasks, shopping lists wherever you are. Comfortable work, quickly added tasks, reliability are the main features of LeaderTask PDA Organizer.

How to get LeaderTask

You can download the full version of LeaderTask and use it within 45 days for free:

  • LeaderTask Personal Organizer
  • LeaderTask Company Management
  • LeaderTask PDA Organizer

After you buy LeaderTask, you will keep getting all new versions of the program absolutely free of charge within one year!!! You will be able to get all updates released after this one-year period for 50% of the full organizer price!

Buy LeaderTask Organizer

Buy LeaderTask Company Management

Achieve success together with LeaderTask!

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