Get More Out of Your Webcam with Free Webcam Effects Software

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  • May 25, 2012

Many of us use instant messaging clients and web-based chatting services on a daily basis and most of them also support video calls using a webcam. Web cameras offer an amazing opportunity to almost feel like you are face to face with the person you’re talking to and it is no surprise that they have become very popular. However, what if you could enjoy a whole new level of fun and functionality with your web camera? Most web cameras do not come with any additional software other than the drivers which they need to run. They make it possible to have video chats over the Internet but they rarely provide any innovative extra features. This is where Free Webcam Effects comes in – a completely free application to customize and improve your webcam.

Free Webcam Effects works on any version of Windows with any camera and any program or online service which offers a webcam feature. It manipulates the image being streamed from your camera, so it is not dependent on the software you are using or the webcam you have installed. It is fast, reliable and realistic and its user-friendly interface makes it possible to get the most out of it as soon as you have it installed. There are dozens of special effects and accessories that you can add to your webcam feeds in any video chat in any program. The person you are chatting to does not need to have any additional software installed and they will no doubt be surprised when they are having a video call with you and they see the special effects on the screen in front of them!

As the name suggests, Free Webcam Effects is completely free – no demo or trial version, just safe, secure and fun free software which you can enjoy to your heart’s content. You can surprise your friends without limitations as there are so many effects and features which you can choose from to thoroughly customize your appearance in front of the camera. There are countless combinations to choose from and Free Webcam Effects will undoubtedly keep you busy for more time than you could ever imagine possible. Video effects include filters, customized backgrounds, face masks, accessories, frames, avatars and much, much more. Everything is conveniently categorized too, so you will be able to find what you want quickly and easily.

The user interface of Free Webcam Effects is colorful and intuitive. It shows a preview window in one corner and a categorized list of special effects. There are also avatars which you can apply to your webcam streams. These include famous cartoon characters which appear on the webcam and mimic your head moves accurately and realistically. With Free Webcam Effects, the possibilities are endless since you can combine different accessories such as hats, eyes, ears, noses, eyebrows and much more to create a completely customized version of yourself. You can learn more about Free Webcam Effects and download it today from . Get started today with a whole new webcam experience!

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