Advanced Outlook Repair – A Valuable Workplace Tool

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  • March 30, 2009

Advanced Outlook Repair is a recovery tool designed to work with almost every version of the Microsoft Outlook program. Microsoft Outlook is a piece of “personal information management” software that comes bundled with the Microsoft Office suite and includes a popular e-mail program, calendar, task manager, and much more. Outlook is the application of choice for BlackBerry users for e-mail management also. As with any program, occasionally something may become corrupted or accidentally deleted and if this is important information, you could be looking at some serious problems in the workplace. This is where Advanced Outlook Repair comes in.

Imagine writing up a 10 page presentation for work. You send it through outlook, assume everyone has received it, and go ahead and delete your original and empty your “Sent” folder. You shouldn’t do this but many people do all the time. Later that day, you get e-mails asking where that presentation is. Maybe you closed the program before the task was done or made some kind of error but hat presentation is history. Hours of work just went down the drain and you could be reprimanded or even fired for this simple mistake.

With Advanced Outlook Repair, you can easily recover that document and get it out before your deadline expires and your superiors get upset. In addition to recovering lost and deleted e-mails, Advanced Outlook Repair can also recover contacts, tasks, journals, attachments and any other items associated with or sent with Microsoft Outlook. One of the other great aspects of this program is the ability to recover embedded objects as well as text. You don’t want to recover a document only to find out all the charts and graphs are missing because those are very time consuming to replace.

A very impressive feature of Advanced Outlook Repair is the ability to pull PST files from CD’s, floppy disks, and other forms of media even if it somehow gets corrupted. Everyone has had this happen at one time or another and it can be extremely frustrating knowing you have the data you need but simply can’t access it.

Advanced Outlook Repair is an invaluable tool for offices of any size. If you work in a corporation or from your own home, if you are a Microsoft Outlook user and your work depends on it heavily, it’s better to be safe than sorry. The price of this product is a little over $200 but if you need to recover a business document that could potentially make you thousands of dollars, that’s a very small price to pay. If every company used this Advanced Outlook Repair or provided it to its employees, data loss related to Outlook would be at an all time low. You can get more information about Advanced Outlook Repair at .

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