Use Of Effective Copywriting Can Move People

“We the people in order to form a more perfect union…”
“The world will little note nor long remember what was said here, but they cannot forget what was done here.”
“That’s one small step for man, one giant step for mankind”
Why is copywriting so important…because words are important. Great ideas are framed with great words. Words have the potential to move people. To communicate accurately you must be precise in your choice of words. If you can use powerful effective words you can move people. Your home-based business can be a success with good copywriting.
Copywriting is taking the best salesmanship and putting those concepts in print.
Copy is designed to sell someone on buying from you. It is by its very nature much more powerful than traditional face to face sales, because the copywriting that you put on the web will get in front of many more faces than you could ever if you were trying to do it physically.
Why is copywriting important? Primarily because copywriting is what closes the deal. Copywriting can put someone into your network marketing business, sell your eBook or the affiliate products you’re promoting.
Good copywriting is closing the deal. The battle is getting in front of the right person. When you finally get that “right person” you’re going to have to say something that will motivate them to buy from you and not one of your internet marketing competitors.
Claude Hopkins from the early 1900’s said that copywriting is “salesmanship multiplied”. Traffic dictates how much sales you have.
Ed Mayer who is an old school direct marketer developed something called the 40/40/20 rule. What that means is 40 percent of the sale is talking to the right person. The other 40 percent is the offer that you make. Twenty percent is the actual words that you use. So talking to the right person is very important. Your offer is also very important. The words you use also important, but the power in the words is not the primary importance. If you get the first two things right, you can make sales even using average grade copy.
When the message and the market match…………then copy will increase sales and your internet marketing will take off.
Copy does not have the power to create sales out of thin air. If you’re not talking to the right person or you don’t have a great offer, it doesn’t matter how great your copy is. So great copy won’t create sales, but it will multiply your sales.

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