A Suite of .Net Protection and Security Tools

Spices.Net Suite is a range of security tools for .Net developers. Using these tools, developers can increase the protection of their .Net code, improving security and productivity. These tools allow developers to recover, explore, analyze and optimize their .Net software projects. The set of security tools provides the best code protection available as well as an efficient and effective method of managing the lifecycle of your software projects. Obfuscation and tamper defense tools are also included as well as recovery tools to help protect the source code of your software. Binaries can also be converted to C# or VB.Net. Documentation services and tools for modeling and analyzing all in one convenient environment offers a wide range of new possibilities. Programming using the Microsoft .Net Framework platform offers developers new horizons, making many ideas come to life with the extensive set of features available.

Spices.Net Suite is truly the next generation set of tools for developers to increase the security, safety and productivity of their.Net software projects. It offers a wide range of features that developers need to open up an extensive range of new possibilities. Spices.Net Suite includes a number of highly integrated modules including an obfuscator, a decompiler, a modeler, an investigator and an informer.

The Spices.Net Obfuscator offers the perfect solution to increase the security of your .Net code, protecting it from attempts to tamper with it. It also includes localization and analysis tools as well as tools and services to manage the lifecycle of your software. Using this component, developers can keep their intellectual property safe as this component provides a new and improved layer of security. For example, the security options can supply misinformation or blind roads leading to dead ends or simply gibberish that will have hackers quickly giving up and looking for easier targets instead.

The decompiler component allows you to recover the source code from your projects or convert binaries to Delphi.Net, J#, VB.Net, C# or C++ code, with visual representation tools also available.

The modeler component provides developers with tools for modeling and making diagrams to represent certain types of .Net code and the relationships and structure of assembly members.

There are also the investigator and informer components. The former provides .Net metadata with browsing tools for assembly structures. This allows developers to obtain detailed information on any items at a low level. The informer component provides all the detailed information about the assembly members.

There is also the Visual Studio Integration Package, a special module included in the suite which deeply integrates the tools with Microsoft Visual Studio IDE amongst other build environments such as NAnt and MSBuild. This component, Spices.VSIP, also offers complete integration with Visual Studio 2003 up to 2010 as well as integration with MSBuild environments.

The Spices.Net Suite comes with various different licensing options. The basic single license allows you to install on a single machine plus a laptop for work or home. A team pack is also available allowing the software to be used on up to five machines while the enterprise version allows a limitless number of developer machines.

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