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9 Tips To Prepare Your Home And Household For An Extension Project

Building a house extension can take years of planning and a lot of money. However, it’s also a project that can transform your living space dramatically, and enable you to live in a house that you love and one that works for you. Homeowners should make sure the house is prepared before the arrival of extension builders in Sunbury so that they and the crew won’t have to deal with too many hiccups along the way.

Here are 9 tips to prepare your home and household for an extension project.

1. Make sure you have a permit

Local council regulations may vary depending on what extension you intend to construct for your house like an additional floor, a room or a garage. By having the correct permits and license needed for the project, you can ensure that extension builders in Sunbury can do their work without disruptions or delays.

2. Arrange a living situation

While construction is being done, you don’t want to be in the way of the crew. Talk to your building manager and ask if it’s feasible for you to stay in a secluded section of your property. Otherwise, make arrangements to live somewhere else so an extension builder Sunbury won’t end up encroaching on your personal space. This is also useful if you have little kids or pets. There’s less risk of accidents involving children and animals if they’re not on the site to begin with.

3. Be a good neighbor

Before work begins, make sure you inform your neighbor about how long your project will take and what they should expect. This will help them deal with occasional sounds coming from your property while the extension builders in Sunbury are there.

4. Remove furniture and objects

Move furniture and other objects so they won’t get in the way of extension builder Sunbury once they arrive. This helps work get done faster, and avoids potential accidents like workers tripping over an end table.

5. Cover items that can’t be removed

If there are items that cannot be removed from the room, make sure you cover them with tarp to protect them from potential scratches and dust during building. This should be done way before the extension builder Sunbury comes to your house. You can also do this to walls and floors.

6. Make sure it is compatible

Coordinate your design and make sure it fits well with the current house. Also make sure that the current structure can support any extension that you will attach to it, like a skylight roof or an extra room upstairs.

7. Prep utilities for builders

There should be a designated toilet and wash area that the extension builder Sunbury can use throughout the duration of the project. If you can, provide small amenities like a kettle and a cooker.

8. Cancel home engagements

Postpone any parties or dinners at home, and advise friends and family not to visit. The less footprint from guests on the worksite, the better. You avoid accidents like someone falling into a hole and work can continue uninterrupted.

9. Make sure materials are ready to be used

Shop for materials before the extension builders in Sunbury show up at your doorstep. Don’t wait for them to get there before you order stuff from B&Q.

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