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9 Smart Ways To Free Up Space And Extend Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

Space crucially affects the functionality of a home. This is why many homeowners find themselves undertaking numerous home improvement projects just to gain more space and make living more comfortable. The problem is, this approach can be too costly. This is why in this article, we’re rounding up nine smart ways on how to cost-effectively make your home more spacious — from adding garden rooms Essex to building over the garage — without necessarily breaking the bank.

Remove walls. Make rooms multi-functional and gain more space by simply tearing down unnecessary walls. Another approach is by removing one wall of a room and replacing it with a huge glass door or window — this will create an added-space illusion while letting more natural light into your home.

Add space to your kitchen. The kitchen is home to many, many things— from condiments and kitchen ingredients to the very tools and equipment you use for cooking. So it makes perfect sense why doing a kitchen remodel or adding a dirty kitchen can drastically improve the functionality of his part of your house.


Invest in a laundry room. Not having a room dedicated to laundry can make your home feel stuffy — laundry baskets and products are placed in areas where they shouldn’t be. Adding a laundry room can create a huge difference.

Enclose your patio. The trend of creating garden rooms Essex by enclosing patios has been gaining more patronisers over the past years. It’s a budget-friendly way of creating a new room where you can hang out while enjoying the views of your lawn.

Build over your garage. If you have a garage or a workshop area, you can extend your house by building a room over it — a space you can use as a storage or even as a gym or art studio. A more economical alternative is creating a bump-out in one of the sides of your garage.

Finish your attic. While constructing a garden room Essex is a clever way of extending your home at the ground level, you can use your attic to gain more space in the upper level of your residential property. Convert it into an additional room or add a dormer if it’s already being used for something else.

Make the most of your basement. Just like an attic, a basement is often a neglected part of any home. If you want to create more space without spending too much, you can also choose to revamp your basement and transform it into an entertainment room or a gym.


Turn wasted corridors into storage areas. If your house was built with many idle corridors, you can maximise them by using them as additional storage spaces. Experts can find clever ways on how to install storage cabinets without taking up too much space in this part of your home.

Add storage to your garden. Apart from the garden rooms Essex, you can also “extend” your home by constructing storage facilities in your yard. Use it to store bicycles, gardening tools, and the like.

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