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9 Questions To Ask Your Heating Oil And Kerosene Supplier

As the winter months draw near, homes will find themselves relying on heating appliances for warmth. Constant use of heat will result in the need for more Heating oil Yorkshire homes greatly depend on. Filling up the tanks with Kerosene Yorkshire suppliers provide seems like an easy task, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask questions.

Before calling any kerosene supplier in Yorkshire, here are some questions worth asking to know more about the heating oil your home uses:

1 – How Do You Purchase Heating Oil?

Buying heating oil Yorkshire is very easy. Simply call a trusted supplier, inform them of the total volume needed and they will deliver the oil. In some cases, if the tank can be accessed easily, there’s no need to stay at home to wait for delivery.

2 – Is There A Maximum Order Limit?

The limit and minimum order vary depending on the supplier. Don’t hesitate to ask your supplier and inform them about the size of your tank before placing an order.

3 – Is Kerosene The Same As Home Heating Oil?

Yes, the two names are used interchangeably. Kerosene is called home heating oil because it has several domestic uses due to its excellent performance, highly efficient burn, and affordability.

4 – When Should I Buy?

Generally speaking, it is best to stock up on Kerosene Yorkshire when oil prices are low. Try to avoid buying in bulk during the winter as higher demand equates to higher prices.

5 – Do You Also Provide Service?

Not all heating oil suppliers and delivery provide tank services. Do not assume, always ask before expecting the delivery team to service the kerosene tank when they arrive.

6 – Do You Have 24-Hour Service?

You’ll never know when the oil tank needs a fill or service. Sometimes it’s good to know that your supplier has a 24-hour emergency hotline just in case. If the supplier does offer 24-hour services, be sure to ask for the hotline number to avoid calling the main office at odd hours of the night.

7 – What Are The Storage Regulations?

Heating oil is a common commodity in Yorkshire and most homes and businesses have tanks for kerosene. As for domestic use, the tank size limit is 3,500 litres, anything beyond will have to follow the business regulations. Check local rules and regulations before purchasing tanks that are too big for home use.

8 – What Is The Typical Heating Oil Shelf Life?

Heating oil can be stored anywhere between 18 to 24 months. They can even be stored throughout the summer months and still be useful when the next winter arrives. Simply make sure that the storage tank is covered and kept cool when temperatures rise during the summer.

9 – What Causes Heating Oil To Go Bad?

Although oil may have a long shelf life, that doesn’t mean it won’t go bad. Exposure to contaminants such as water, bacteria, sludge, and rust will make the oil go bad. Be sure to always keep the storage tanks clean and free of contamination before filling it up with kerosene.

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