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9 Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before A Spinal Surgery

Going through any type of surgery can be a scary and daunting experience for any patient. All the more for something serious such as spinal surgery, where one mistake can lead to life-long irreversible injuries. To help calm you down before the day of the surgery, it is highly recommended to speak to your Southampton neurosurgery doctor and ask them some clarifying questions such as:

1 – How Long Have You Been A Spinal Surgery Specialist?

spinal surgeon Basingstoke who have years of experience tend to have more confidence in their ability to successfully perform the surgery. Sometimes knowing the doctor’s length of experience can help calm a patient’s nerves.

2 – What Is Your Success Rate?

While it might seem offensive to ask this question, a good and honest Southampton neurosurgery doctor will ensure patients of their successful operations without hesitation.

3 – Can I Speak To A Past Patient?

While unorthodox to ask, think of this as a reference. Getting the opportunity to speak with a patient who went through the same procedure as yours can give you a better idea of what to expect.

4 – Are There Less Invasive Options?

The spinal surgery Basingstoke expert will do their best to find alternative options that do not involve surgery. Spinal surgery is usually reserved as the last solution.

5 – Can I Delay The Operation?

It is normal to feel scared about the operation and asking if you can delay the procedure can keep you calm. However, it is not recommended to delay a major operation, especially if the pain is already affecting your ability to live life normally.

6 – How Long Will Recovery Take?

Recovery time varies between the type of surgery and the patient’s health. The typical time for full recovery is between 3 to 4 months while most patients can start working if their work does not require strenuous activities after 4 to 6 weeks.

7 – Will Recovery Be Painful?

Expect some numbness and pain around the incision area, but this should go away after 7 to 9 days as the wound heals. However, watch out for signs of infections such as swelling and throbbing pain. If this occurs, contact your surgeon right away.

8 – What Activities Should I Avoid After Surgery?

In general, it is best to avoid any type of strenuous activity for the first 4 to 6 six weeks as your body recovers. Remember to sit no longer than 30 minutes at a time and when sleeping, it is best to find a position that does not strain the back.

Only resume normal activities when advised by your surgeon.

9 – Will I Need Physical Therapy?

Not everyone who goes through spinal surgery will require physical therapy. However, older patients and those with mobility issues can benefit greatly from physical therapy. Here patients can learn how to get out of bed safely and how to dress and undress without hurting their back.

Some sessions will also include back strengthening exercises to ensure future back pains and problems can be avoided.

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