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9 Design Tips To Consider For A Child-Friendly Bathroom

Your married life enters a new chapter once you have kids. The welfare of your children becomes an inevitable part of every decision-making endeavour that involves your household. And this includes having a child-friendly bathroom.

If you’re getting in touch with a Bathroom Fitter in Worthing, it’s noteworthy to tell them about this concern in your bathroom design. This part of your humble abode is a place you and your kids will be frequenting, this is why it’s important that you design it with efficiency, functionality, and safety in mind.

Don’t know how to start with your Bathroom Design in Worthing? Here are nine tips you need to know.

Choose materials with durable surfaces

Kids are naturally curious and playful. If you ask what’s a must-know tip from a bathroom fitter in Worthing, it’s the durability of your bathroom materials — from the tub and the toilet to the sink and the fixtures. Experts recommend ceramic wall tiles and scrubbable wall paints.

Incorporate some extra storage space (bath toy organizers)

An addition to the family means you also need additional storage space. These spaces are intended for items like child-friendly bathroom products and bathroom toys. Consult with a professional on how you can incorporate these extra storage areas without necessarily taking up too much floor space.

Make sure towels are within their reach

Easy-to-reach towels are a must-have in any child-friendly bathroom. You can make these bathroom essentials accessible by having a vanity with open shelving in the bottom part, or by installing hooks that can be easily reached by your little ones.

Invest in step stools

Speaking of making things accessible when it comes to bathroom design in Worthing, having step stools is one of the things you need to cross out off your checklist. This will be helpful whenever your kids are using the sink or going to the tub.

Take note of slippery surfaces

While aesthetics and design are important, never compromise the safety of your children. It’s highly advisable to invest in non-slippery mats that you can strategically place inside your bathroom.

Store bathroom stuff that are not for kids safely

To further ensure that your bathroom won’t bring harm to your kids, your bathroom fitter in Worthing must properly employ safety methods. These include having cabinetry that doesn’t feature sharp edges, keeping decorative pieces away from your kids’ reach, and safely storing products with harmful chemicals.

Keep things simple and timeless

While it’s sad to say, your kids won’t forever be kids. As they grow old, your bathroom must also be updated. This is why experts prefer having a bathroom with a simple and timeless design. Choose a theme and color scheme that are appropriate across all ages.

Add a dash of fun by putting eye-catchy shower curtains

If you want to spice up your bathroom, it’s recommended to invest in stuff that can be changed and replaced. For instance, shower curtains with designs that appeal to the young ones (e.g. Colorful geometric shapes, cartoon/ animated movie characters).

Don’t forget about the lighting

This tip applies to any bathroom. Apart from cleanliness concerns, having ample lighting will help prevent your children from getting hurt.

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