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8 Ways Facebook Advertising Can Help You Dominate Your Industry

Here’s an important thing to remember if you want to get ahead of your competitors in the digital space — and in the real world. When you promote your business and your content online, it is not just about organic or unpaid advertising. With the right strategy and with the help of a Facebook advertising agency, running paid ads on today’s biggest social media platform can help you dominate your industry.

Think about placing ads on traditional media like television and radio. Only this time, your audience is more targeted. You are more certain that your offering gets on the feed of who you are really trying to sell it to. Hence, your return on investment or ROI will most likely be higher.

In this article, we’re running down eight ways how you can truly leverage this great advertising option.

Identify what you want to achieve. Being specific is a vital trait to have when you are promoting on Facebook. Before you work with an advertising agency Facebook, be clear with your goals first: Do you want more sales coming from your website? Do you want more downloads for your app? Who are you targeting? Identify their age bracket, gender, and location.

Choose the right ad types. Facebook offers different ad formats. These include images, videos, slideshows, carousels, stories, polls, collections, and instant experience ads. Depending on your goal, you can create several types of ads for your campaign and incorporate compelling call-to-action.

Create video ads. If you ask any advertising agency Facebook, the inclusion of video ads is a must for most Facebook ad campaigns. Why? Because people are 1.8 times more likely to purchase after seeing a video promo. This format is a more dynamic way of showcasing your brand and your products.

Shine the spotlight on your customers. Whether your ad is an image or a video, featuring content from satisfied clients is a great way of enticing other prospects into clicking on your CTA button. These materials establish a sense of trust and boost your authority as a brand.

Advertise your special offerings. Are you having an anniversary sale? Offering a limited sale for your products? Because these types of content are more likely to attract leads, you should use Facebook paid advertising to better to promote them.

Always use well-crafted and on-brand images. While ads dominated with text can also be effective (especially if you use strong words like “you,” “instantly,” or “now”), using high-quality images that reflect what your brand is all about still hits differently. It makes it easier for your target audience to visualise while you are offering — and how it will benefit them.

Research your competitors. To dominate your industry, you have to know how you’re currently faring in the first place. You also need to be aware of what your competitors are doing. Through proper research, you can create an ad that will help you stand out and address your target audience’s pain points better than how your competitors do.

Track your performance. Paid ads on Facebook are more cost-effective than other traditional methods. But to maximise your budget, any Facebook advertising agency would recommend being diligent with your analytics. Track how your ads are performing — which one works and which doesn’t. Utilise Facebook’s flexibility and modify your ads and strategy accordingly.

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