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8 Kitchen Design Tips That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

The kitchen is one of the busiest places in one’s home. It’s a place where you cook, prepare meals, and even dine and socialise with your family and guests. Hence, it is important that it should be fully functional and well maximised.

Over the last years, several design innovations have emerged to make the kitchen an optimal space — from joiners Edinburgh to fitted kitchens Edinburgh.

Designing your dream kitchen? Here are eight tips on how to create a kitchen that will make your life so much easier.

Determine how you will use your kitchen. Your design will largely depend on how you will actually use your kitchen. Are you an avid home cook? Do you have a penchant for baking? Will you often eat here? Your answers to questions like these will help you create a layout that directs traffic well.

Design your kitchen triangle carefully. The kitchen triangle refers to the refrigerator, sink, and stove. Traditionally, they are put in a place wherein they form a triangle, each appliance/facility filling up each corner. To establish efficiency in your kitchen, you should provide easy access to these three main parts of your space.

Rethink the idea of having a kitchen island. Kitchen islands are a great idea if you have enough floor space. The recent years have seen more homeowners skipping this idea and trading it with a more space-maximising one, like joiners Edinburgh. This design idea gives you more liberty in terms of going around your kitchen to do multiple errands without compromising efficiency.

Maximise your storage space. Your cabinets play the crucial role of keeping your kitchen stuff — from cooking gears to ingredients and utensils — protected, and the harmful ones (like knives and ones with chemicals) away from your children’s reach. It’s important to pour out your attention in designing these storage areas.

Choose your materials wisely. From your countertops to your flooring, you have to decide materials that can handle the things you do in your kitchen. Opting for more economical yet less durable materials will only cause you too much hassle — just imagine having these materials repaired or replaced often in the future.

Light up your space efficiently. Though many people tend to overlook this aspect, kitchens — whether you have joiners Edinburgh or fitted kitchens Edinburgh — should also be well-lit. It’s essential to making your space safe and easy to navigate, especially when nighttime kicks in. However, you shouldn’t be too extravagant in lighting up your space. Install simple lighting options in strategic areas that can efficiently provide light to your kitchen.

Take your kitchen wastes into account. Another aspect that tends to be ignored in kitchen design is managing wastes and recyclables. When planning your dream kitchen, don’t forget to allot a space for your trash and recyclable bins.

Don’t forget about the style theme. While a great kitchen design puts emphasis on functionality, the aesthetics shouldn’t be forgotten. Choose a style that is cohesive with the overlook of your house — and one that can transcend trends so you wouldn’t have to renovate your space often in the future.

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