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7 Tips To Maintain Proper Temperature At Your Conservatory

Conservatories are a cool place you can use to cozy up and relax while enjoying the views outside. But this figurative kind of cool can literally lose its meaning once the sweltering heat of the summer enters the picture. As what any double glazing company Kent can attest, homeowners with conservatories are constantly faced by this seasonal issue: keeping this place cool during summertime and warm during winter months.
In this article, you will read seven helpful tips on how to maintain proper temperature at your own conservatory.
Choose your conservatory materials wisely. A huge portion of your conservatory is made of glass windows. And they play a crucial role in maintaining the indoor temperature of your conservatory. Take note that not all glasses are created equally — some retain heat more efficiently than others. Double glazing — which refers to using two window panes and putting them parallel to one another to create a vacuum in the middle — is considered to be more effective when it comes to reducing heat transfer between the interior and exterior of the conservatory.
Make use of your air conditioning system. One of the surest ways that any double glazing company Kent recommend is installing an air conditioning unit. As much as they can keep an indoor environment cool, they can also work as a heater whenever necessary — making them an alternative to the one-way working radiator. However, keep in mind that you should allocate a certain portion of your budget for its electricity costs.
Know when to open your windows. Keeping your conservatory well-ventilated is a basic tip. However, you must take note that it still depends if there is a breeze outside or not. Experts advise that if it’s too humid, it’s better to keep your windows (and doors) close to prevent hot air from getting into and circulating around your conservatory.
Put up blinds. Blinds are a cost-effective heating solution — apart from getting durable glasses from a Kent double glazing company. They are designed to block sunlight and therefore, lower your conservatory’s temperature. Besides, they also add a certain aesthetic value to your space.
Opt for light furnishings. Speaking of aesthetics, your interior decorations can also help you “control” your indoor temperature. Avoid leather furniture as they tend to add up to the hotness of your indoor environment. Choose light and soft fabrics instead. For your walls, it’s recommended to use white and pastel colours.
Consider installing solar control or tinted glazing. When you work with a kent double glazing company, you should also consider applying tinted glazing to better filter out light (and subsequently, heat). Solar control glass, on the other hand, has that capacity to let light pass through while radiating away certain amounts of heat.
Think about the idea of replacing your conservatory roof. Like what any double glazing company kent can testify, sometimes, it all comes down to replacing your conservatory roofing material. The use of glass is one of the most popular roofing solutions. Other alternatives include polycarbonate roofs (can reduce heat transfer by 50%) and tiled roofs (which offer both thermal and acoustic properties).

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