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6 Secrets On How To Prevent Wood From Warping

Wooden fences and decks tend to warp over time. This can cause safety, structural, and aesthetic issues that are bothersome to a lot of homeowners. Although replacing the wood fixtures with new ones can fix the issues, this is only a temporary solution because the wood will warp, unless the main issue is addressed.

What Causes Wood To Warp?

Wood warping is caused by its moisture content. The amount of moisture inside the piece of wood differs, which means they dry at different rates. When one part is fully dry but another still has moisture, the wood will bend and distort from different angles resulting in warping.

If this has been an issue for you, here are some solutions to try that will help minimise wood warping in the future:

#1 – Know The Type Of Lumber

Before all else, make sure that you know more about the lumber you are about to purchase. Pieces with straight grains are less likely to warp, the same with those that are centre cuts. When visiting log drying kilns, check for these signs to ensure you are buying high-quality lumber.

#2 – Drying And Curing

wood drying kilns are a must when it comes to preventing wood warping. Wood that has gone through the log drying kilns are less susceptible to bending and warping because the moisture inside it has been removed at the same rate. Through the curing process, lumber and wood are better suited for use without the worry of warping.

#3 – Proper Storage

Improper wood storage can lead to warping, even after passing through the wood drying kilns. Remember to stack wood uniformly according to its thickness to prevent shrinking and swelling. Proper ventilation is a must and the storage place must be cool, shaded, and dry at all times.

Place lumber flat on the ground and space them properly to allow for equal air exposure on all sides. Storing wood properly will help minimise damage and premature warping.

#4 – Control Humidity Exposure

In areas where humidity is more than 80%, wood and lumper must be wrapped. Doing this will keep all the ambient air vapors from seeping into the pieces causing warping and other signs of damage.

#5: Seal The Ends

Up to 12 times the total amount of moisture from the wood leaves through its ends. By simply sealing all the ends of the wood will prevent it from warping too soon. In fact, when the ends are properly sealed off, the rate of shrinkage is lowered significantly.

#6: Painting Or Staining

Although there is a certain simplistic beauty with exposed wood or lumber, this isn’t the best practice when it comes to preserving them. The act of painting or staining the pieces, especially when they are used for the outdoors will protect it from moisture.

The coat of paint or stain might not be very thick, but it will repel water from entering the lumber which will prevent warping. Be sure to regularly repaint or restain wood and lumber pieces at home to help preserve them for longer.

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