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5 Ways to Incorporate Your Taste for Art Into Your Home’s Architecture

5 Ways to Incorporate Your Taste for Art Into Your Home’s Architecture

San Francisco architecture provides beauty and talking points. As you look at your home, you might be wanting to choose art pieces that appeal to your taste, while complimenting the architecture within your space.

Here are five ways to incorporate your taste for beautiful works of art into your home’s architecture.

Consider Large Scale Art Pieces
If you choose an oversized picture or photograph command the attention of those who enter the room. This type of art can set the tone for a smaller space. If you are going for a minimalist look, then you can add interest using a black and white photo. Another way to make this large photograph a key part of your space is to use it to add color through a vibrant abstract piece.
Another benefit of larger art pieces is that they can draw the eye upward, highlighting the beautiful architecture found within your San Francisco home.

Create Your Own Art Gallery
Your artistic tastes can also be incorporated into your space using a variety of pictures, often known as a gallery wall. They can be different sizes, colors, and subjects. The end result is a beautiful collection that reflects your interests and personal tastes. Plus, these types of galleries can be used to draw your eye to the various points of architectural interest found within your room or home.
Keep in mind that you do not want to use this gallery approach on every wall, or it could end up making your space feel tight instead of spacious.

Make an Accent Wall
There are a variety of ways to create an accent wall, including using unique fabrics or wallpaper. Colors and geometric designs can make a bigger impact on your smaller spaces, while still showing off the beauty of your San Francisco architecture. Decorative painting techniques or stencils can also be used to show off your personal taste without conflicting with your architecture.

Mirrors on the Wall
If your space is small, using reflective surfaces will make it feel even bigger. Architects have used mirrors to reflect light into spaces for decades. At the same time, these mirrors can also have their artistic aspects, such as the decorative frame. Your personal artistic taste can be complimented by the type of mirror you choose, plus it can flow with the San Francisco architecture found within your home.

Have a Wall Mural Painted
Your architecture could also be reflective of a specific time period. You could compliment it with an artistic mural, painted to reflect your personal artistic taste, as well as to draw attention to your high ceilings or decorative moldings.

The scene can also serve to transport you to another place or time, simply by gazing at your wall.
Clearly, there are a variety of ways to add your own artistic flair to your space, while still highlighting your beautiful San Francisco architecture. Contact our knowledgeable architects today to help you through the design process within your space.

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