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5 Ways How To Integrate Direct Mail Marketing With Online Marketing

Let’s start with statistics: only 15% of millennials say that they ignore direct mail marketing materials. The other 85% actually enjoy sifting through them. Businesses who have also combined their digital marketing efforts with direct mailing reach 91% more of their target market. With these favorable numbers, there’s really all the reason to get in touch with your mailing house Surrey. But you don’t want to go to your making house in surrey thinking that these marketing attempts are separate from each other. Integrated approaches work best especially with mid-range start-up businesses these days. Below are ways to make this work.

Use Facebook to promote direct mailing

While a plain old catalogue in the mail might seem textbook and a bit of a bore, a little integration with your Facebook page might just make it one of the trendiest marketing moves of the season. Come up with a promotional contest. Make the prize tempting enough for your subscribers to take part in it. For example, giving away a brand new cellphone for the best selfie and “ootd copycat goal” from a page of your catalogue might make your brand and your catalogue trend for weeks. Make sure you include hashtags for easy tracking and optimization.

Use direct mailing to be creative with engagement

You can include in your mail not just catalogues but nice freebies and fancy bookmarks. These items can have QR codes which could lead subscribers to either your website, your social media page, or a special promotional discount exclusively for direct mail subscribers. Provide something entertaining, useful, or both in your direct mail package. Invites to company events, whether off- or online, are attractive. You could also make your QR codes interact with the website by acting as “keys” to Easter Egg goodies like discounts if they spend a certain amount of money on your products, or even free shipping.

Use Facebook Ads

Do you wish your subscribers online would get in touch with your more using direct mail? Facebook also offers advertising tools and they are pretty effective. You need to make your Ads enticing, though. Have things on offer, like expert advice, promo codes, discounts to affiliate brick-and-mortar stores and so on.

Using Postcards to promote Digital Marketing

Do you still need more reach with your digital stores and social media websites? Postcards are a great way to do that. Choose a chic graphic and, with the help of a mailing house in Surrey, distribute these postcards in an event you’re holding or even at the mall. You’ll find that once consumers know you’re an actual store, with real people selling actual products, they tend to develop more trust. Your target market will sign in to your digital spaces easier.

Convert mailing lists

Turn your direct mailing list into an email marketing list and vice versa. Of course, you need to be ethical about this and ask your subscribers if they are willing to sign up for both channels. While visibility is important, noise can do your business a lot of harm too.

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