3 Ways To Repair Corrupt Access Database Forms

Does your Access Database form deny to get opened nor you can perform any operation on it? Well, it can be a sign that your Access database form is somehow getting corrupted or damaged? Are you looking for solutions to fix damaged or Corrupted Access Database Forms?

If you are facing a problem and haven’t got the solutions yet then go through this blog to get the answer to all your queries regarding Access database form corruption. So, before knowing its fixes or solutions you need to know the major roots of it.

Here I have mentioned some of the causes of corrupted Access database forms and their solutions as well. To know more about this, follow the blog below.

What Are The Reasons Of Access Database Forms Corruption?


Hardware failure is the most common cause of this corruption of Access Database. If your hardware is outdated then there are more chances of hanging issues. To avoid this issue, make use of an updated hardware stack that provides you strong network connection as well as enough storage capacity.


Sometimes the failure of software becomes the reason for the Damaged Access Database files. Corruption of Access Database mostly happens due to incorrect recovery of the system. There are many other kinds of software such as as- resource conflict on the system which is also included in it.


Virus Attacks is one of the external causes of the corruption of access database forms. This kind of damages is very harmful as it can remove the data completely. It is very difficult to deal with such corruption because it makes the data completely Irrecoverable.


Accidental Shut down of a system is one of the annoying causes of Access Database Corruption. It indicates such a situation as- system overload or sudden power cut. Such kind of accidental circumstances doesn’t give any signs before taking place. This kind of disaster may cause excessive loss of data.


Frequent addition or deletion of data from MEMO fields may cause Access Database Corruption.


In your system, if one or more file is already damaged or corrupted then there is a chance that your Access Database Form may also be corrupted. If there is some issue in your primary files this may damage your database completely.

Usually, there are many causes of access to Data Corruption but I have mentioned six causes of it.

How To Fix Corrupted Access Database Forms?

Method 1:- Compact And Repair Database Tool In Access

From the Access application, check out the compact and database tool. This tool will repair the corrupted access files. How to fix damaged access files with the help of this tool, the steps are given below: –

  1. Open the access application first.
  2. Then select the database tools.
  3. Now click on the option “Compact and Repair Database Tool”
  4. From window application, a database to compact will open. Select the database file from there to repair the corrupt access file.
  5. Now click the Compact button.
  6. Now you are required to enter a new file title in the Compact Database which will open in a dialog box. You need to select the folder then save it.
  7. Click the save option now. After that, you will a fresh database that you open in access.

Method 2:- Backup And Restore

The best way to secure the data from loss is, create a backup copy through which you can restore your access data.

How to create an Access Database Back up a copy, follow the steps below: –

  1. Open the database and make back up of it.
  2. Now go to the File tab and then from the menu options select “Save As”.
  3. Go to the Advanced submenu which is to the right of <Save Database As >. Select the Backup Database and hit on < save as >.
  4. You need to specify the folder’s name to save it so it will be saved there in the format such as – database name backup creation date .accdb.

While saving a database backup you can change the name of the backup file. However, it is not highly recommended because while using its database backup there will be a need to know when the database was created and where it comes from.

Method 3:- Go With The Recommended Software

Access Database Repair and Recovery software is a recommended Access Database Repair Solution that will help you to get the original Access Database contents back. Thus, MS Access is a perfect software to get back the Damage Access Database. It is a very effective access database repair program to recover MS Access Database without any MDB and ACCDB files.

Access database recovery tool searches the corrupted file and then scan it. Then all the Repair data is seen on the screen of Access File Recovery Tool. The lost records from damaged access database files can also be renewed using the MS Access Repair tool and can be saved in another Microsoft Access File.


I have recommended some of the causes as well as the solutions to fix Corrupt Access Database forms issue.

If your Access Database Files is also been corrupted, I hope the above-given solutions may help you to solve the Access form corruption issue.

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